No on Measure 103

I never thought my life would turn out this way. I never thought I would be sitting around with friends, laughing, having a good time talking and someone would bring up Measure 103 and then we would get out our devices to study it. The fun was over way too soon. I hate politics but these days I find I have to be careful about everything.

After silently scrolling through our devises I asked, “What is it,” “I don’t know but Kroger, Albertsons, Costco and Safeway spent $4 million to get the bill written and on the ballot.” $4 Million. Why do they care so much? Good question. It says it’s a ban on grocery taxes. Cool right? Well, no. It’s really a tax cut for corporations and individuals. Another one. They just got a 13 percent tax cut in January. It’s never enough for some people.

You know what bothers me the most is the promotions of it. It says “no taxes on groceries.” That’s it. There is nothing about the tax cut for corporations and individuals that is buried in the legal speak of the bill. That’s not good for counties and it takes away their right to make decisions about local taxes. It’s dishonest. I hate it when bills get on the ballot with really dishonest titles. What I really hate more is when corporations try to slip in a good deal for themselves with trickster language.

By this time I realize I am channeling my inner James Cagney. “Those dirty rats.”

So, that’s how it went down. A fun evening turned bleary. What did I learn from all this? Vote no on Measure 103 and a scolding to our lawmakers. Write a bill that isn’t intended to trick the voters and we need a public shaming for anyone who does.

Those dirty rats.

BR Matteson


Just like in Russia

This is a date that all decent people throughout the world can rejoice in. On this date — Aug. 21, 1940 — one of the world’s mass murders was killed in Mexico. Of course, he was killed on the orders of another mass murderer (whose real name was Josef Vissarionovich Djugashvili) otherwise known as Joseph Stalin.

He sent Ramon Mercader to kill Leon Trotsky (real name Lev Davidovich Bronstein). We can all rejoice at the happy sound of the ice axe as it crushed through his skull into the evil brain of the mass murderer.

Meanwhile in the present, we have the Democrat Party in the U.S. working to impose a communist dictatorship on the U.S. Make no mistake, they intend to murder millions here just like they did in Russia.

Yes, Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer will be quite happy to murder millions here in the U.S. just like … in Russia.

Bob Friedman


Usurped power

Did you know Oregon was declared a sanctuary state by Gov. Kate Brown (California Gov. Jerry Brown’s younger sister) Feb. 2, 2017, via Executive Order 17-04? It reads: “Whereas, Oregon is and must remain a welcoming, inclusive, and compassionate place ... including immigrants and refugees.”

Gee, that’s the same exact wording Brookings Councilman Dennis Triglia’s resolution submitted to the council, October 2017. There was no second by another councilor so it was shelved.

So how is the word, “sanctuary” defined? Legal definition is a place of refuge or protection from punishment or protection from the law. So how did the sanctuary laws help Kate Steinle from San Francisco who was brutally murdered by a five-times deported illegal alien? Zilch. The jury let the illegal alien off scot-free for killing a person and only received a maximum sentence of three years for a weapons charge. He will be released soon as he has served his time already.

In sanctuary cities and states there are no constitutional protections for U.S. citizens and people who are legally in the U.S. Only protections for the outlaws and illegal aliens.

The U.S. Constitution states, Article I, Section 8, clause 4, “Congress shall establish an uniform Rule of Naturalization.” This means the federal government controls immigration. It is called, “balance of powers” between the states and the federal government.

Gov. Kate Brown has usurped the powers of the federal government. She is shoving the U.S. Constitution down the lawless rat hole into a third-world cesspool.

John Locke (English philosopher whose ideas were incorporated into the Declaration of Independence): “Wherever law ends, tyranny begins.”

Jean Soderman


Traitors at work

Nine contractors pulled over $1 billion a year in refugee resettlement programs. These contractors launched an aggressive campaign to crush pockets of resistance to the Muslim migration into the U.S.

That campaign was led by Welcoming America, a nonprofit immigrant advocacy group led by David Lubell and funded by the Prince of Darkness George Soros and his Four Freedoms Foundation.

Thomas Jefferson, third president, would be horrified by the Muslim pirates, rapists and extortionists pouring into the U.S. The U.S. Marines dealt with the onslaught by Muslims over 200 years ago in Tripoli.

Cicero warned, “Traitors will speak in accents familiar to his victims, wearing their face and their garments, appealing to the baseness that lies deep in the hearts of all men. He rots the nation’s soul, working secretly unknown in the night undermining the pillars of the city. He infects the body politic.”

Traitors from the Office of Refugee Resettlement Placement, Director (Mitiku) Ashebir, and from Welcoming America, Susan Downs-Karkos, promote understanding and support for refugees while citizens of the U.S. must improve their attitude toward Muslims.

Muslims don’t want to assimilate into America’s culture. Muslims tend to be unskilled, reliant on taxpayer funding, reluctant to assimilate into American society and prefer their own mix of political ideology and culture.

James Soderman


Dahlia show

The Gold Beach Dahlia Show is coming this weekend , it will be held free of charge at the Gold Beach High School cafeteria.

I wish my mother was alive to see a Dahlia. Most of you flower lovers don’t realize that even though a Dahlia was discovered by the Spanish in Mexico during the 1600 era the popularity didn’t take place until way after World War II, the 21 different varieties will make you think that more than a Dahlia is being displayed but its not.

If you want to call our President Bob at 541-373-0461 to get more information or join the Wild Rivers Dahlia Association the club would love to have you.

The show will open at noon today and stay open until 5 p.m. On Sunday, the the hours change from 10 a.m. until 2 p.m.

See ya there.

Clay Dalrymple

Hunter Creek

Trio outreach

Last Saturday (Aug. 25), I had the pleasure of attending the Kingston Trio show at the Nesika Grange Hall and what a great time I had. Since moving up here in 1993, which classifies me as an official Oregonian (according to an old timer) I have had the opportunity to attend many musical productions over the years and this one was by far the finest, funnest one of all.

My history with the original Kingston trio goes back to 1960 at UNC Chapel Hill campus where they were playing in the backyard of my fraternity Phi Gamma Delta as one of their stops on their Phi Gamma Delta tour around the states. At that time they were at the top of the charts.

After Saturday’s event, we talked about the local chapter of Vietnam Veterans of America and the great things our Veterans Outreach Program has accomplished over the last four years. Josh and Mike both voiced interest in doing a benefit show in Brookings at a later date to help support this great case.

You may ask what is the Veterans Outreach Program? Well, after a generous endowment from Mrs. Wiley, we started to give hand up help to veterans and their families from all eras of conflict. To date, over $80,000 in direct funding and in-kind contributions of goods and services to 74 veterans and another 30 some family members bringing the total of impacted individuals to over 100.

For more information on Chapter 757 and its programs call Bill Farrell, 541-661-9914.

Bill Farrell

Curry County resident