Witch hunt

Yes, folks, the “witch hunt” has bagged two more members of Trump’s coven of corruption. The campaign chairman is convicted of eight felonies, and the “fixer” attorney confesses, joining two campaign advisors and the national security advisor as admitted felons. Five down, more coming.

This president’s sleazy business history — shady real estate deals, backroom bankruptcies, the Trump University fraud — made this kleptocracy inevitable, but the scope of the cesspool is breathtaking. Two cabinet crooks have been punted after skimming massive taxpayer-funded benefits, three others are openly conducting insider deals and pay-to-play lobbying, and a Trump-worshipping congressman is charged with committing felonies on the White House lawn.

The biggest corruption, however, is right in the West Wing, where this payola presidency is a huge profit generator for the family — Jared and Ivanka made close to $100 million last year. Trump Inc. accepted massive payoffs from the Chinese government before Trump demanded a bailout for a Chinese company spying on America. Jared and his ex-con father collected $500 million in loans after White House meetings and just got a real estate bailout deal from a Trump buddy. And the evidence of a Russian river of money flowing Trump’s way continues to multiply, with the Kremlin connections to Trump Toronto and the mysterious buyers with alleged Putin mob connections buying 86 apartments in Trump properties — always in cash, the hallmark of money laundering.

So the hunt continues, asking “witch” Trumpians will be the next felons-turned-witnesses, “witch” White House deals will prove the sleaziest, and “witch” criminal activities will finally bring down a presidency more crooked and smoke-choked than U.S. 199.

Ultimately, the Wizard of Laws, Robert Mueller, will drop justice on TrumpWorld like Dorothy’s house on the Wicked Witch. And we all know whose feet will be sticking out from underneath.

Mike Gaynes


Not an offense

President Trump talks a lot about the press — specifically the fake news press. When early this year, CNN had five breaking news stories that were extreme negative articles in one week. The following week, CNN had to retract all five breaking news stories because they were false, from Neil Cavuto, Fox News.

Harvard University (by no means is a consecrative university) did a study in 2017 on the amount of negative news stories of the last three presidents, from Harris Faulkner, Fox News.

President George W. Bush — on average it was 52 percent.

President Obama — on average 36 percent.

President Donald Trump — on average 94 percent.

Whom do you trust?

The liberals throw the impeachment word around all the time at the drop of a hat. To criticize the press is not an impeachable offence. Try reading our U.S. Constitution — I do every Fourth of July.

Andrew T. Ragan


grow milkweed

About the article concerning Brookings’ Kalmiopsis Elementary School and its intention to be a Monarch School; the school should be commended for their intention for environmental action to foster monarch butterfly reproduction. However, the castigation of Monsanto for its development of genetically engineered (GE) Roundup-resistant crops and the use of Roundup to control weeds in crops as a major factor in the decline of the monarch butterfly population is largely the invention of urban-based so-called environmentalists who lack understanding about agriculture and weed control practices.

The article’s accusations about Monsanto’s role ignore that for those in farming, weed control in crops has always been a priority as weeds reduce yield and can disable mechanical harvesting equipment. Before herbicide-resistant GE crops existed, those in farming and their children pulled field weeds manually. Later, tractor-mounted and other mechanised cultivators were used.

Monsanto and other firms then developed GE crops to resist their herbicides, which made weed control much more easily achieved and with less labor and atmospheric air pollution. The farming policy regarding weeds in crops has always been no weeds also including monarch butterfly-favored milkweed, Monsanto and other companies or none of them notwithstanding. Farmers have been using herbicides such as glyphosate-based Roundup, 2-4D and others to control weeds for decades.

If Roundup and now other glyphosate-based herbicides are to blame for monarch butterfly declines that more likely is due to homeowner use as those herbicides now are widely available. Monarch butterfly-needed milkweed used to be common on urban vacant lots and in backyard gardens, but much of that has been eliminated due to habitat loss and homeowner use of herbicides including Roundup and generic glyphosate as well as others. People can help as Kalmiopsis are doing regarding the monarch butterfly by planting milkweed and allowing it to grow and by withholding the use of insecticides on milkweed, and other flowering plants upon which monarchs feed.

Jim Hansen


Salute the union

The Janus Supreme Court decision did nothing to stop the union workers of Curry County this past week. After 17 SEIU LOCAL 503 members threatened to strike, the Curry County Commissioners came to the bargaining table and settled. This occurred in spite of poor union leadership that maintains the status quo prior to Janus. It also shows strong union members are critical to getting things done. But union membership without strong leadership can’t float the boat forever.

Many thought, incorrectly, the Janus decision would weaken unions. Workers still have the right to form and join unions but now can leave the union at any time. More importantly, they still have the right to collective bargaining. Had these workers not been part of a union, their demands may not have been met. Furthermore, they may have been fired and replaced.

SEIU LOCAL 503 is the largest union in Oregon. The members in Curry County would have been joined by hundreds, if not thousands, of their union brothers and sisters on the picket line. I know, I would have been there.

So long as members stick together with strong new leadership, it doesn’t matter what the government or anti-union groups throw at them, there is nothing that can break the union. In September, union members get to elect leadership of their choice.

I am proud of my 503 Brothers and Sisters in Curry County. I salute you.

Avery T. Horton Jr.


SEIU Local 503 Sublocal 099 (Homecare)

Festival canceled

It is with huge disappointment that our committee has had to cancel our much anticipated 11th annual Gold Beach Brew & Art Fest. We thank the Forest Service personnel and firefighters for their presence and work to protect lives, homes, businesses, etc. We send our thoughts to those affected by the fire.

Our committee wants to thank our sponsors, breweries, vendors, bands, volunteers and patrons for their understanding. We are already making plans for next year’s Gold Beach Brew & Art Festival. For those who have purchased pre-sale tickets, you may use them next year or return the tickets to the outlet where you purchased them from to obtain a refund.

We welcome donations to help offset our expenses, and the loss of $10,000 that two non-profits split. Curry Arts gives grants and scholarships to schools, and Soroptimist International of Gold Beach uses their money to give scholarships and continuing education grants to young women in our community.

Your understanding and assistance in this unanticipated situation will be greatly appreciated. If you have any questions, you may contact Doreen Nielson at 541-490-1593 or Leslie Keating at 541-247-6683.

Doreen Nielson

Event Chairman

G.B. Brew and Art Fest

Help Kidney patient

We are writing on behalf of a young Brookings man who urgently needs our help to save his life.

Michael Massey has been fighting a kidney problem for all of his 27 years. By the time he was 2 years old he lost his right kidney and 75 percent function of his remaining left kidney.

After a lifelong battle with the disease, many treatments and operations, his remaining kidney finally failed when he was 22 years old. For the past five years, he has been receiving peritoneal dialysis every night to filter his blood in substitute of his kidneys.

Sadly, this summer he was diagnosed with end-stage kidney failure. He now has to receive emergency hemodialysis directly into his heart three days a week in Grants Pass.

Michael is on a transplant list, but although he has potential donors waiting to be tested, OHSU (Oregon Health and Science University) will not even begin testing for matches until he raises enough money to cover all the expenses not covered by his insurance.

The urgency of his need is even greater due to the fact that the emergency hemodialysis he is now receiving is 50 percent more fatal and also 50 percent more likely to result in infection than the more common peritoneal dialysis.

Michael needs to raise $30,000. His GoFundMe page has raised $11,000 but he needs more help. Life saving help.

If you can open your pocket book and your heart to Mike’s urgent situation, please consider a donation of any size. Thank you for reading this, and if you can help,

Thank you, thank you.

Mike’s GoFundMe page can be found at https://www.gofundme.com/448g9c-life-saving-kidney-transplant.

An account for donations has also been set up at Rogue Credit Union under the name “Michael Massey.”

Creighton and

Bonnie Carper


Bad politics

I had several recent unhappy experiences with Brookings politics. I was appointed to the planning commission and my idea, as a civil engineer, was that I could make a contribution through my decades of experience.

My first meeting had to do with the approval of a new car wash in town. The proposal was for a wash cycle that would use 35 gallons of water per car. For decades now, many car washes have recycled their water over and over because it makes environmental sense. But not here; this inefficient system was approved by the commissioners. One member of the commission commented after the meeting that it was the first time in their experience there had ever been a challenge.

My next meeting we were to review an application for a proposed 14-lot subdivision. That application, when it reached us, had mysteriously become a 15-lot subdivision without any filed change in the paperwork. Even though it was right in town it was designed with only one way in/out and the end of the street did not even have a turnaround, it just ended instead of having a second entrance or a cul-de-sac.

That was an excellent way for the developer to save money, but I wanted to point out that one house on fire near the entrance could trap everyone in the subdivision. The chairman told me that our purpose was to approve the staff report, not to conduct an independent review. I was amazed to find that out, I thought that our purpose was to protect the public, not the staff or the developers. Now, knowing the planning commission did no planning but only approval, I resigned.

Before this I had taken an interest in the Azalea Park trees. If they were truly diseased there should have been borings to determine which ones were unhealthy. This is not an expensive or complicated process but it was not done. I have been out to the park and looked at the stumps. I concluded that the stumps I saw were from healthy trees that had market value.

The common thread in each of these examples is that the present city council has a responsibility to see that the public safety and interest is being well served through its staff, its appointed committees and its own direct actions. We, the public, need to review who is on that council and vote appropriately.

David Paoli


Improve the future

Interesting read the many pros and cons letters regarding our political atmosphere today. I think it is time to stop and take a breath and think about the future.

The past is the past and we can’t change it but we can improve on the future. Contact your senators and representatives and tell them you want the to get to work and deal with the problems of today. Your vote does count and vote in every federal, state, county and city election, it is the only way your voice can be heard.

We need for them to work on health care, Social Security, Medicare, education, infrastructure and much more. Tell them to get to work on these and quit messing with the trials and tribulations this administration if going through.

Fake news is what Hitler did when he started to control his country and was so convincing he finally succeeded in turning his country into his own domain. We need news stations and watch them all. I watch CNN, CBS, FOX, MSNBC and any other news stations I can find to get the story from them all. Yes, they all have something to say then you can make your own decisions on what you believe.

Marie Elena Garcia