Speaking of lies

A recent letter to the Pilot compared U. S. job growth from President Obama’s last 18 months in office to President Trump’s first 18 months. A more fair comparison would have been the first 18 months for both presidents. Having done that, I found that Obama’s job growth was in negative percentile until his 37 month in office and he didn’t reach Trump’s current job growth percentile until his 53rd month in office.

The letter complained that wage growth under Trump has slowed compared to the last eight year trend. I believe that the newly employed Americans would disagree. Under Trump, employment is up and unemployment is down to 3.8 percent. In June of this year, 213,000 new jobs were added to the U.S. economy.

The letter also bemoaned Trump’s tax break, saying the rich benefited the most. I think that any tax break is a good thing and if corporate tax breaks lead to more jobs, that is a very good thing.

Finally, speaking of lies, does Benghazi, Libya or “if you like your doctor you can keep your doctor” sound familiar?

James Brock


Sad decision

Well those beautiful majestic trees that my family so enjoyed for many years, walking amongst, are now gone. What a tragedy and a sad decision by our elected mayor and city council. They, in fact, are so much wiser and informed than the general public that fought against that decision.

Looking at the poor stumps, it’s pretty obvious those trees were very healthy and if left in place, would most likely out lived those learned souls who destroyed them. It’s also interesting to note that those dangerous and diseased trees were all conveniently located near the parking area and ones most easily accessible, hmm? Another blatant waste of taxpayer dollars.

Soon we’ll have an election and hopefully remember who goes against public opinion and knowledge, the mayor and most of the city council.

Nelson J. Sprague


Chetco cleanup

Help us celebrate the 50th year of the Wild and Scenic Rivers Act by lending your hands to clean up trash out of the Chetco River.

Brookings families are invited to participate in a river clean up event, called “Cherish the Chetco” on Sept. 8. There will be a “wet” clean up, in which participants will paddle on kayaks along a calm section of river and clean up trash. These participants must RSVP to Cathy Boden at 541-332-5039 or email: cathy@currywatersheds.org by Aug. 24 to reserve kayaks, which will be provided by event partners.

Wet participants will receive boat safety and boat skills training. Let our trained guides teach you the skills needed to enjoy this beautiful river. No experience, no problem. We want to teach you and share this river appreciation journey with you and your family.

Dry participants are also encouraged to participate by cleaning up gravel bars accessible by car or foot. Meet at Loeb Park Day Use area to get trash bags, and return trash there in dumpster.

River appreciation education activities, with late afternoon potluck, will also be taking place between 9 a.m.-4 p.m. on Sept. 8. Join us as we celebrate our free flowing Wild and Scenic River, and please bring a potluck dish and river stories to share.

Statia Ryder

Gold Beach

Be part of solution

September is Suicide Prevention month — thank you veteran Gordon Clay for your hard work in the area of suicide prevention, anti-bullying and youth engagement.

As an instructor of sociology, I use sociology’s definition of suicide — the failure of social systems.

We have to admit to system failures, including some failings in the social services continuum of care, a system that should deliver hope. For veterans, that hope will be delivered at the Sept. 21 VA Healthcare Summit 2.0. Reaching out to my former students (some of you are veterans) so that you can let veterans know about this important event. Email me at skiphunter888@yahoo.com , for more information.

Some tools for veterans and family members:

VA Crisis Line 800-273-8255, press 1.

National Center for PTSD has an app for your phone that can help you learn about and manage symptoms that often occur after trauma. Link: https://www.ptsd.va.gov/public/materials/apps/PTSDCoach.asp, download

VA and PsychArmor offer an online suicide prevention training designed to equip anyone who interacts with Veterans to demonstrate care, support and compassion when talking with a veteran who could be at risk for suicide. Link: https://psycharmor.org/courses/s-a-v-e/. The 25-minute online training course covers three main topics:

Suicide as a public health issue in the U.S.

Signs that a veteran may be at risk for suicide.

Actions people can take if they identify a veteran at risk.

Please participate in the efforts to address this epidemic, Save Sept. 21 on your calendar. Be a part of the solution.

Skip Hunter


Angry sore loserS

My wife and I don’t have TV, but when we have the opportunity, we like catch up on political news and I can’t resist the mountain men shows. For years now we have heard real evidence of corruption, scandals and failed attempts to cover up all the wrongdoing of the past administration.

Who can forget the failed attempt to stifle and spy on conservative talk shows and a secretive failed attempt to tie on to the UN’s Small Arms Treaty, which clearly involves not universal gun registration but total gun confiscation. The past administration has stonewalled evidence and information requested by congressional hearings and has gone as far as destroying those things requested. Of course those are actions you and I would go to jail for, but for some ridiculous reason the left gets a pass.

If there is anyone who is treasonous and undermines our constitution by breaking their oath of office it’s Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton.

It’s obvious that the left has not taken defeat well and will go down in history as the angriest sore losers of all times. Hypocrisy, lies and hate run rampant in the left’s evil empire.

Lou Costa