A great golf tournament

A big thank you to Val Early, her staff and the Salmon Run Ladies Club for hosting a great tournament at Salmon Run Golf Course last Thursday and Friday. There were fewer teams this year participating in the Silver Salmon, but Val’s team was big on service and made our two days of golf spectacular. The course is in great shape and the staff and volunteers were very welcoming and gracious.

It is obvious that Salmon Run Golf Course is run by a hard working lady who cares about her staff and customers. Thanks, Val, for a great event!

M. J. Dykes

Sharon Guinn

Gold Beach

remove liberal influences

A reasoned and thoughtful letter published in the Pilot on Aug. 11 has finally convinced me of the truth concerning the “anger, hatred and negativity” espoused by the liberal cause. There simply are not enough media outlets that provide a forum for non-negative, forward-thinking advocates, like Rush Limbaugh, to provide facts and truth to guide us.

In fact, we could start to remove the liberal influences from our society by getting rid of most of the horrible liberal programs with which we are burdened.

First of all, let’s get rid of women’s suffrage because we all know what a silly idea that was and how it has hurt the country.

Next, Social Security must go. Why should we all pay into a system that provides for a minimum level of subsistence for our elderly? We can be sure that private entities would step up to see that these folks are taken care of.

Next, that pesky Civil Rights Act has to go. Why would we want to guarantee and enforce equal opportunities for all of our citizens? Wasn’t it clear up through the 1960’s that segregated schools provided perfectly adequate equal educational opportunities?

Also, we should also repeal Title IX, because we all know that providing sporting opportunities in high schools and universities for boys is much more important than for girls. After all, how many females play in the NFL, NBA, or MLB?

Another major liberal disaster is Medicare. Again, repeal this program and let medicare-eligibles scramble for medical care on their own, and if they can’t afford health care, well that’s just the small price we pay for eliminating liberal programs.

OK, enough being facetious. Although hardcore elements might not agree with the need for all of the above-listed programs, most of us wouldn’t want to scrap them all either. Both conservatives and liberals have had good ideas, and our country is great because of them. I rue the loss of Centrism politics, such as practiced by…wait for it…Ronald Regan. What? Sigh…

Gerard Thibeault


tax reform for business

Many businesses are leaving the exorbitant taxes and anti-business regulations of California and moving to the business friendly state of Texas, where taxes are much lower and regulations much more business friendly. Special concessions are frequently made to draw in a business.

Why can’t Oregon do the same? Can you imagine if Amazon or Google moved to Oregon? The increase in state revenue would allow the state to assist the cash strapped local governments.

The reason this could not happen in the near future is because of the liberal practices of the state government. Just a few of the current policies which would discourage the prospective relocation of a major corporation are:

•The governor’s announcement that she plans to raise taxes and pass the increase on to corporations.

•The increase in the minimum wage to be among the highest level in the entire country.

•Announcement of plans to adopt the entirely untested program to charge drivers by miles driven rather the current tax per gallon of fuel system.

•Increasing the bottle deposit from 5 cents to 10 cents. This really hurt retailers in areas near state borders where customers bring in cans from their state, doubling the refund paid by the retailer.

I could go on, but my main point is that the time has come to replace our liberal governor with a conservative who, like our current president, understands business and the importance of them to our economy. A side benefit would be that we could put our great unwashed and pot smoking generation back to work (there are many jobs available), and stop them cluttering up our streets.

Alan Jensen


safety city success

Safety City — 2018 was another great year for the program. For our 21st year we had 53 children graduate.

This gives Safety City a total of 1,100 children who have attended.

As in the past, we had many children whose brothers and sisters attended in the past.

We want to thank all our sponsors who gave to the program, thus allowing it to continue to be a free program. Should anyone want to be a sponsor, please contact me or the Brookings Police Department.

We also owe so very much to all our volunteers who give of their time to make safety city a success — without them the program would not exist.

Dan Palicki, coordinator