Beware of fraud

Even well known Amazon has hackers. I received what appeared to be the usual order confirmation email from Amazon the other day. When I opened it and saw a very expensive item being ordered and being sent to an address in New Jersey, I flipped out.

I scrolled down in the email to read something that instructed me to call this fraud phone number if this was not my order. Of course I called it. The person on the other end of the phone was very pleasant and kept reassuring me they were going to take care of this for me.

They then tricked me into taking remote access of my computer and then proceeded to show me all this info on my computer which they were accessing. All my passwords, credit info, etc.

I was so scared. And, now I am aware this is their tactic; to place fear in you and figure some way of getting you to send them money. They told me all my credit cards were compromised and I now have to purchase a Google Play card so they can give me credit on this card.

On my way out the door to drive to the store to get this Google Play card, I finally cleared my head and decided to look up the customer service phone number on one of my Amazon Invoices. I called to let them know what was happening and they immediately told me I was being scammed. I had to change all my passwords from a secure server, cancel all my credit cards, close my bank account and have all my computer devices scanned for viruses and cleaned so whoever had done this cannot access my information.

Double check who you are talking with and never, never give remote access of your computer to someone on the telephone. Instead of doling out money to these hackers, give your money to a local reputable computer repair person.

Teri McGregor


Russians didn’t vote

According to a letter to the editor Aug. 4, a writer claims that President Trump is president because, “...Russia had their hands all over our elections.”

As there’s been no evidence that ballot boxes were compromised by Russians, no Russians have been found casting ballots and the voting computers haven’t been found hacked into by Russians, I’m wondering where the writer found his information. Perhaps CNN or MSNBC?

The writer goes on to allege the reason Trump won was, “...because a foreign power wanted him to.”

That’s a rather insulting and misinformed conclusion to millions of voters. I suggest Trump won because many Americans didn’t want to see this country further degraded by the far left, of which Hillary was a part.

It would seem that after the Obama Administration signed off on selling much of our uranium resources in 2010 to Rosatom, a Russian company, the writer might have assumed that Russia would want to support the Democratic Party.

You might think because under Trump’s administration unemployment is down, fewer people are needing food stamps, jobs are more abundant and industry is starting to recover the writer might believe that, “...the party that spent years in second place” has a plan that’s working.

I wonder why he doesn’t. Too much CNN or MSNBC?

Mike Wiley


Thank Boice

Since a yearly check is still written to the Curry County Tax Collector no other justification is necessary for my comment.

Read “Megafire” by Michael Kodas before passing judgment or continuing the small claims suit against Court Boice. The book is required reading for forestry students at OSU.

After completing the book two take aways will be evident: a glimpse into the mindset of present forestry teachings; most importantly you will thank Court Boice on bended knee for his diligence during the Chetco Bar Fire.

He may have stretched the travel rules but the cause was just. Had the fire breached the Carpenterville ridge and entered the west slope it might not have stopped before Crescent City. Brookings would have likely looked like some of the subdivisions around Redding today. Brookings turning into ashes would hardly be noticed outside the state.

Until at least some of the public lands are managed for other uses than more park land, the insanity will continue. The Klondike and Taylor fires are just another example of the forest not being fireproofed. The forest fire industrial complex reaps the bounty of present public land management practices.

If the ridiculous case continues, please show up in Small Claims Court and personally thank Boice for his commitment to the land and people of Curry County.

May this prophecy not come to fruition — the Elk River drainage wilderness areas are next to become a huge fire risk for Curry County and could slop over to Coos County.

Charles “Pete” Buffington

Scotts Mills