Salute actions

I am writing this letter as a proud American and veteran to salute the actions of my president in securing the remains of some of our military warriors who were MIA or KIA during the Korean conflict.

It has been over 60 years since this has happened. How did it happen? It happened because President Donald J. Trump made it happen. Will it get any exposure in the liberal press? Probably not.

One of the credo’s of the military is: “No man is left behind!” We bring our brothers and sisters home.

Let us celebrate the return of these warriors and embrace the closure of the families who always wondered.

God Bless America.

Allan W. Stewart


Hands in election

There’s no denying it, Russia had their hands all over our elections. In 2016, the Kremlin employed a sophisticated interference campaign to grab America by the precinct… applying enough pressure to seat their guy in the White House. Sure, millions of Americans voted for Trump on or before election day, but he won because a foreign power wanted him to.

Billions of rubles were spent over the last decade restoring the Stalin-like grip of power that the Russian Federation seeks over former Soviet satellite states. In 2015, they turned their sights on America and pulled the trigger. A year later their guy became our president-elect. Since then, we’ve drawn closer to Russia than ever. We’ve shredded relationships with our allies, devastated our geopolitical reputation, and entirely lost sight of what we once stood for.

It’s clear why Russia sought a Trump presidency. A kakistotic political outsider, willing to do anything for money, could be manipulated easily. Like the wizard from Oz, on the surface, Trump looks like an all-powerful leader for a party that spent years in second place. But behind the curtain, there’s nothing more than a scheming Russian totalitarian pulling the strings. Where’s the balloon when you need it?

Fortunately, we can still prevent the derailment of our democracy if we work together, return to a higher level of civility and continue to look forward. It’s time to deploy strong checks and balances on this administration, to stay engaged and to vote. Time to make America stronger together again.

Gregory T. Christensen


Stay in school

I heard of a parent recently who was trying to encourage their freshman student to study and bring their grades up. The student said school was boring and that they were going to drop out when they turn 16 and flip burgers.

Let me introduce Flippy, who has been flipping burgers full eight-hour shifts at Caliburger in Pasadena. His brother was just called up to the major’s to improve quality and speed of service cooking fried chicken tenders and Tater Tots at Dodger Stadium.

Some fast-food restaurants here in Oregon have already replaced counter help with a kiosk to order and Education Week predicts by the time “today’s 6th graders hit their prime working years in 2030, automation and artificial intelligence could have eliminated half the jobs in the United States economy.” (

Learn why jobs like middlemen, low-level accountants, bookkeepers, agents and tellers will be out of work.

Those who will benefit are those who engage in intellectual capitalism involving common sense, creativity, imagination, leadership, analysis, writing a script, or book, doing science. We’re making a transition from commodity based capital, like coal, to intellectual capital, like figuring things out — thinking.

Why is it important to stay in school? Start by thinking about the future you’d like to have and then think what it’s going to take to get there. It all starts with a high school diploma.

Gordon Clay

TheCitizensWhoCare .org


Phenomenal job

President Donald Trump may not have the personality you like as a leader but his ability to make our country great again is phenomenal. I’m sure that the voters that backed him are pleased with the results on his promises.

Don’t be concerned about the border wall that is giving him a problem, his promise to shut down the government will solve the holdup. He currently has enough Republicans in Congress for votes to build the wall but some of them say no. Whichever party is responsible for closing down our government will be the one that losses the next election. He’s confident he will win for his party this fall and again in two years. On Fox News I saw him say “With no wall many, many years from now I will close down government.” He is warning his party and his message is obvious, either fix the wall or get voted out.

The left is against everything that Trump supports. Stormy Daniels, Nancy Pelosi, Robert Mueller and Chuck U. Schumer will not beat Trump. They are moving into the realm of socialism, a form of Communism which will put there hopes of winning the Democratic power back on hold.

Richard Goodstein former Hillary Clinton adviser is desperately trying to cover up the direction Democrats are headed. Tucker Carlson had him on Fox Monday evening July 30. If you saw him, you realize President Trump is not in trouble, Democrats are.

Clayton Dalrymple

Hunter Creek

Know the facts

Residents on Crestline Loop are tired of getting comments about our situation without knowing the facts. For years we have been struggling with violent fighting, threats, garbage, dogs crapping on our lawns and theft. The sheriff, police, state troopers, fire department, ambulances have made frequent visits. We were afraid to come out of our homes.

When 15 of us went to speak at the commissioners meeting we were told “we are aware of your situation,” “we are looking into it,” “we are working on hiring someone.” That just meant nothing would be done. There are over a hundred situations ahead of us. They can handle only two a year. That means in 50 years we might get help.

Then people came to our aid. In four days it was done. They came out to see the house and spoke with some of the residents. The girl on the video was not home alone. She was the only one who came out to talk with us. She is the one who told us they had already been asked to leave. She told us they would be gone in two days. No one threatened her. No one raised voices. Everyone was civil. We were there. Were you?

Now the property is being cleaned up. We are feeling safe for the first time in years.

If you publish your addresses I’m sure these people would be happy to come stay in your homes, put tents in your yards. But, will you?

Lawrence Hartwell


Attire to inspire

It’s almost time for back to school. While there might be a little groaning about the return of homework and math tests, most kids can’t help getting excited about the return to school.

Heading back to school means new teachers, new classes, and for a lot of kids, new clothes. However, for some kids the return to school is cause for worry and embarrassment.

There are children in Curry County’s foster care system who won’t have any new clothes for school and who barely have clothes at all. There are children who own a single set of clothing to be worn to school every day. There are kids wearing shoes that are sizes too small and jeans that have been long outgrown. Some children don’t have clothes to protect them from the wind or rain that are so much a part of winter in Curry County. Budgets are tight for everyone, businesses and families, but despite tough economic times we don’t want to ignore kids going without.

There are organizations that take clothes and shoes to third world countries, a very worthy cause, but what about our kids here in Curry County? As a community we have an opportunity to help a group of kids in Curry County feel comfortable, confident, and happy when they go back to their classrooms in September.

Through our Attire to Inspire program, we’re asking for new clothes for these kids. This is a problem that CASA of Curry County and Rogue Credit Union want to help solve and we are asking for your help. Go to your local Rogue Credit Union Rand pick up an Attire to Inspire tag with the child’s sizes and likes.

The Attire to Inspire program will begin Aug. 6 and end Aug. 31. If you choose to make a financial contribution instead of choosing a tag please feel free to leave it at the Credit Union or call Mona Chandler with CASA of Curry County at 541-698-8086.

Mona Chandler

CASA of Curry County, program director