Letter not true

A July 14 Letter said President Trump was incompetent and self serving. Trump bought Mar-a-Largo for $10 million. He turned it into a private club which generates $9 million a year. He gets free golf and free use of a 110,000 square-foot home. The White House is 55,000 square feet.

Trump donates his $400,000 President’s salary to charity. The Clintons are being investigated for receiving payment for political access.

A July 14 Letter said President Trump was destroying the environment. Hillary Clinton said she would save the polar bears and the spotted owl.

Trump said it was about the economy stupid. He wanted work for coal miners and lumbermen.The letter said the Republicans are financially irresponsible. Abortions and birth control pills dropped fertility rates per woman from 3.1 in the 1950s to 1.84 currently. Life expectancy has increased. By 2020 20.2 percent of the population will be 65 or older. Social Security and Medicare have $87 trillion dollars of unfunded liability. Both political parties are responsible.

The letter said President Trump is kidnapping kids from parents. Adult aliens who file for asylum are held in custody until their court case is finished. A federal circuit court ruled children cannot be held more than 20 days. Health and Humans Services has placed children with responsible parties in U.S. including relatives of illegal migrants. Democrats want voting rights for illegal aliens. Many Democrats also favor partial birth abortions where the brains are sucked out of defenseless babies.

Steve Johnston


Refocus concerns

It seems to me that we, as county taxpayers, are grossly misspending valuable resources on chasing down some travel expense, reportedly used, for county related purposes. The latest threat is to use an outside law firm to get involved in this mess. Don’t our paid public officials have much more important things to do with their time, and our money, than this display of personal pettiness?

In another county related concern, the recent Lobster Creek Fire, it seems that we are placing not nearly enough emphasis thus far. It’s been a few weeks since anything has even been reported about this very serious occurrence. Over $1 million and hundreds of firefighters were used to combat this fire that burned hundreds of acres. Has the actual cause of the fire been determined, other than man made?

Has anybody admitted, or been found to be responsible for this disaster? Is there an active investigation going on to determine these serious questions?

I think that we should put less concern into some seemingly questionable travel expenses and much more concern to how, and by whom, our local forests were recently set ablaze.

Clayton Johnson

Gold Beach

Vigilante law

I watched a video in which neighbors had very valid complaints regarding a neighboring property. The county commissioners acknowledged that the position for code inspector has never been filled. What an epic fail on the part of the county commissioners.

As a result, the neighbors were offered “help” from a group of men who took it upon themselves to go to the property and kick some “whatever.” One member of the group is running for county commissioner. It was video-taped and put on social media. When they got to the house the only person home was a roommate, a woman. They were fairly intimidating. Had I been a woman alone at the property with the men interrogating me I would have been very upset. She told them she rented a room there. Someone fairly ordered her to clean up the garbage in the yard. She told them, “It’s not my stuff. That is the landlord’s stuff.” She was then ordered to have it cleaned up by Monday when the group of men would be back.

As it turned out Sheriff Ward and human services were working on the situation. Co-workers, over the years, have also worked with the recurring situation. This citizen group of men didn’t bother to work with the sheriff, to contact the sheriff’s office (as per my conversation with Sheriff Ward) or even find out the factual history of the matter.

Is this what law enforcement has come to in Curry County? Citizen groups can decide among themselves to do the job of law enforcement like armed vigilantes? We need professionally trained law enforcement and a code enforcement inspector not a bunch of revved up yahoos, all full of themselves and with a complete absence of good judgment.

BR Matteson