Sometimes we get the wrong impression… please consider these things regarding Commissioner Court Boice:

Note that if you attend board of commissioners meetings, you realize that there are occasions whereby even the recordings of the BOC meetings don’t provide the whole truth. News articles can leave out minutia, creating a misimpression, without intention.

Example: two citizens — one was me — filled out public comment cards at BOC meeting. There were a number of citizens engaged during public comments. Both of us had spoken earlier on non-agenda related topics. We were also expecting to speak a second time regarding the travel expenses associated with Commissioner Court Boice’s work during the Chetco Bar Fire. However, the Commission’s Chair Sue Gold passed over the public comment paperwork that we had submitted. We spoke up. Boice spoke up in our behalf.

The Pilot reported that there was grumbling between the BOC and myself before I was then allowed to speak. Nope.

Two citizens asked to be allowed to speak, were denied. Gold didn’t have an easy job that day — just so many citizens speaking. The conversation was between Gold, we citizens pleading our case and the interceder, Boice. The Pilot’s broad brush-stroked account story said there was grumbling between myself and BOC. Nope.

Point made during my public comments? We need clarification regarding the duties of Curry County’s public health authority and the relationship to Curry Community Health. Two-thirds of the BOC haven’t thought about these policy responsibilities.

Connie Hunter


coverage questioned

The Pilot’s failure in recent articles to address Commissioner (Court) Boice’s disgraceful comments hurled at Commissioner (Thomas) Huxley is astounding since Boice did not produce any kind of evidence.

Is the Pilot content to report everything and anything that comes out his mouth? Obviously Boice is smoldering and fuming at the travel restrictions he has to endure. His overblown ego cannot accept the notion of accountability and oversight.

Unrepentant Boice continues to use county cars for trips within Curry County in defiance of the travel policy. He refuses to use his own vehicles, a 20-year-old truck and a Mercedes because, “They have sentimental value.”

At the board of commissioner meetings he is disruptive, argumentative, interrupting and attempting to speak whenever he feels like it and then blames the other commissioners for the chaos his antics have created. He lacks common sense and cannot be taken seriously.

This year Boice demanded commissioners restore his salary to the original amount. During the campaign he promised the electorate that if elected he would reduce his salary by $20,000. The request was denied. His verbal attacks against Huxley claiming executive malfeasance, destroying the county and community are irresponsible, vindictive, without foundation and clearly payback for Huxley’s strong stance regarding following the rules and county policy.

Boice relishes all the press coverage and publicity he receives but he needs to come down to earth and join the rest of us plebeians and recognize that flaunting the law is never acceptable.

Yvonne Maitland