By Boyd C. Allen

Pilot Staff W

swamp is draining

Immediately after Rush Limbaugh’s radio introduction I noticed the left moving faster in the liberal direction.

I voted for JFK but from his assassination date until Reagan’s term the Democratic party was stable toward the center. Today, we are watching an amazing concept gathered by the left that if not stopped will likely finish the U.S.A.

The Tea Party Patriots had no leader, they were formed by conservatives that saw our life was being demolished from the way our founding fathers wanted. Lois Lerner from the I.R.S. was the first to surface and hurt the patriots by ripping money from their reach of a yearly deduction. She got caught and was forced to retire, no prosecution oh, she was a Democrat.

President Trump has opened a tremendous swamp and we are watching how bad our country was locked down under democratic rule. Stuart Card, a Syracuse University professor, was fired for exercising free speech. Obama nearly destroyed our medical field. My 62-year-old wife had her benefits go from $450 a month to $925.

It’s now clear that the FBI has been controlled by the Democratic Party, Lynch, Comey, McCabe, Strzok, etc. is just the start. The free press has taken over the leadership of the progressive party with Hollywood’s help.

President Trump recently said that he had to become a Democrat before seeing success. They made him contribute to the donkey’s before anything good could happen, like building hotels. Now the New York politician’s are suing his conservative family.

Clayton Dalrymple

Hunter Creek

Appreciate efforts

In the Pilot this past Wednesday I was surprised to find that a lightning storm had started more fires than our local climate change group. The world must be akilter.

Also on the front page of that same Pilot was a headline about Boice facing small claims court. Apparently the swamp is also located in Gold Beach. From reading the Pilot I remember that Court Boice was one of the few who grabbed the banner and ran to chastise the U.S. Forest Service for its minimalist response to the Chetco Bar Fire, which caused so much concern last year. Now, we are about to reward his efforts with a small claims court appearance.

The story about the lightning storm was excellent and gave credit to the new Forest Service response teams and their great efforts to control what had to be daunting odds. Congratulations to all who participated. We, as residents of this area, sincerely appreciate your efforts. Thank you.

Richard Laskey