Where others failed

Clinton failed, Bush failed and Obama twiddled while North Korea completed their nuclear program. In comes Donald J. Trump. The liberals scoffed when Trump agreed to meet with Kim Jong-un yet when Trump canceled the Summit over a threatening statement, they criticized him for walking away. The liberals completely lost their minds when Trump reinstated the summit after Kim immediately caved to his cancellation. Clever.

Trump successfully negotiated a beginning of the denuclearization of the North Korean peninsula. And oh, did you notice both parties signed the agreement unlike Obama’s ridiculous Iran executive order that Iran didn’t bother to sign because they never intended to abide by it. No tests, no launches, three prisoners released, a nuclear facility destroyed and a missile base is next. Maximum pressure is on, additional sanctions await and military exercises can be reinstated immediately. Strategic.

The trade war we’ve been losing for 30 years is over. Tariffs on U.S. goods and services are no longer needed for G7 countries as their economies, rebuilt by us, are self-sustaining. Again, the liberals panic when our negotiator-in-chief takes decisive action that Clinton, Bush and Obama were gutless to even address. The G7 countries need our goods and services more than we need theirs, let the pressure campaign begin. Calculating.

Trump is proving to be America’s most skilled and effective negotiator since Reagan. If the liberals have any gray-matter left, they will do well to shut up and support President Trump.

Dee Tyson


Miss the letters

I can’t say I miss the vitriol, but I do miss reading letters to the editor. After reading the rules about submission, I can understand why people might decide not to offer their thoughts. And, I’m really sorry to see the best you can do is offer yet another long piece by Scott (Graves). Perhaps some of the local writers might have some space? I’m no longer a happy reader, alas. I’ve been a subscriber for almost 20 years.

Shirley Hyatt


Elvis Presley, Marilyn Monroe, Michael Jackson, Whitney Houston, Robin Williams, and Kate Spade, all died under the influence of prescription drugs. There have been over 25 teenage school shooters who have killed other students while under the influence of antidepressant and stimulants prescribed by doctors.

Family and spiritual counseling have been replaced with pills. Kids today are given antipsychotics as a form of chemical lobotomy. From the Columbine High School shooting in Colorado to a recent school shooting in Oregon, many of the shooters acted under the influence of prescription psychotropic drugs.

The word psychology comes from the Greek word “psyche” (soul) and the word “logos” (word or knowledge). Psychology is the study of the soul. Progressive materialistic psychologists do not know who man is. They have reduced man to an arrangement of molecules made by blind chance.They see man as an animal. They do not understand man was made in the image of God, with a body, soul and freewill.

Because secular humanists deny the existence of the supernatural, including the mind or soul, they are limited to treating the physical brain. In the 1930’s neurologists got the idea mental health could be improved by psychosurgery. After lobotomies and electric shock failed, drug companies switched to chemical lobotomy through psychotic drugs. This led to an explosion of opiate pain killers, antidepressant and antipsychotic drugs, which resulted in an explosion of tragic deaths from side effects of prescription drugs.

Steve Johnston


Petty issues

Court Boice is guilty of violating county travel policy, guilty of promoting himself in his effort to run for Congress, guilty of reducing his commissioner salary by $20,000, guilty of gathering facts and challenging public officials on their management of the 2017 Chetco fire and guilty of doing the job we elected him to do.

Voters can remove him from office on the next election cycle or recall him if you think you have the votes.

We elected all of the commissioners to do their job and solve their petty arguments during public meetings. Do the other two commissioners really need to hire an attorney to determine Boice violated county travel policy. The attorney will cost more money than the commissioners are attempting to recover.

May be time to review your travel policy and solve this issue in open discussions with your new county manager and leave the attorneys for more serious future issues.

Bill McNair

Gold Beach