Thank you

On behalf of the members and myself we would like to thank and recognize all who participated in the VFW-sponsored Memorial Day service:

Marine Corps League Detachment, Daughters of the American Revolution Cape Sebastian Chapter, Curry County Commissioner Court Boice, Garden Club flowers, Peleliu historian Holly Beyer, Brookings-Harbor High School Music Department, U.S. Coast Guard, Brookings Oregon painted rocks artists, and the fly over by the Klamath Falls National Guard and last but not least, the Pilot story by Jane Stebbins.

Frederick Bremer


No toloerance

A recent poll shows the unemployment rate under President Trump has dropped to the lowest level since 2000. President Trump has brought back jobs and companies that Obama ran off due to high taxes and stiff regulations.

There’s no ignoring red lines drawn by our president because he shares President Reagan’s “peace through strength” policy. Unlike Obama, he reminds our enemies and critics that we have no tolerance for corruption or stupidity. Despite the anger and hatred towards him from the left, his approval rating continues to climb due to his many accomplishments and promises kept.

The recent writer to the Pilot suggested we split America: the Republicans in the South and the Trump haters in the West. There is a better solution.

Since the left is so fond of big government, why don’t they move to a socialist and communist country that shares their hatred for Trump and our country? A country that controls and tells you what you can and can’t say, where you can and can’t go, what rights you don’t have and will never have. Of course they’ll demand that you work extra hard keeping your nose just above the poverty level and give any extra earnings to their righteous government. The left will blend right in with that type of government — or they may realize our freedom here is precious and drop their anger and nonsense and support our precious Constitution to keep America great.

Lou Costa