Volunteers needed

Planning is underway for the sixth annual Festival of Art in Stout Park sponsored by Pelican Bay Arts Association.

Held Aug. 4-5, this year’s festival will bring together more than 80 diverse artisans, some from as far away as the East Coast. We appreciate the fact that community involvement in the festival has continued to grow.

We are seeking volunteers to help with set up on Aug. 3 and take down on Aug. 5 and volunteers to serve as greeters during the festival. If you are interested in being part of this fun event, contact Pelican Bay Arts Association at pbaart@frontier.com or call 541-469-1807.

More information is available at www.pelicanbayartsassociation.org.

Cilde Grover

Chair, Festival of Art in Stout Park

Fireworks danger

I was moved to write about the use of fireworks on and around the Fourth of July. I oppose fireworks displays that are not conducted on approved public grounds with all protections in place. I understand that passionate Americans may feel that it’s their right to blast off fireworks from their backyards. We learned this from John Adams who said that “Pomp and Parade” (and fireworks) should commence from July 4, 1777, and forward.”

Well, I hope that I can reach several readers and then several of your families to send a new message. It is especially important that we recognize that here in Oregon, we have a special natural resource to protect. The use of fireworks from backyards, etc. can be detrimental to the wildlife, family pets and worse yet, cause a fire that could create a massive wildfire like we experienced last year. Even with the best efforts, sparks and embers can land afar and consequences erupt.

I plea with every homeowner and parent and renter that you take into consideration that other, less volatile methods can be used to celebrate our freedom. A small contained fire pit, a walk with others, a prayer for peace, or a flag hung in reverence.

Can we please move away from the arrogant and irresponsible display of fireworks as a necessary part of July 4th holiday? Please share this message, like it or not, with your neighbors and friends and children and see if we can change this Fourth of July hot topic of fireworks.

Trudy Richardson