First-rate option

About 18 months ago my wife was diagnosed with cancer. About a year ago we decided to move to Brookings for its weather, beauty and proximity to health care, including a new hospital in Gold Beach. However, upon our move, we learned that chemotherapy was not a local option, and we would need to drive several hours to either Eureka, Coos Bay or Medford.

This all changed recently with the opening of Sutter Coast Hospital’s chemo center, a $1 million-plus investment in providing chemotherapy locally. Within two weeks of the new center’s opening, we met with Dr. Adour Adrouny and the center’s staff. We found them to be professional, caring and knowable; the new center to be spacious, inviting and more comfortable than what we had experienced at two other hospitals during our journey.

My wife has received multiple treatments at the new facility, and we have been very pleased with not only the physical layout of the unit but the responsiveness and caring of the staff. My wife continues to receive the newest treatment protocols, recommended by doctors/professors at UC.

We cannot say enough about how we have been treated. This letter has two purposes, our expression of thanks to Sutter for their investment; to Adrouny for his professional and experience; and to the new center’s staff, who seem to go out of their way to be caring and providing. Second, to tell others there is now local alternative to the travel to out of the area chemotherapy facilities; and that option is first rate.

Dave Fortman


Approved “ism”

Re: Borax/Rio Tinto

Corporatism: The use of public money, your taxes and mine, to make life easier for corporations.

Socialism: The use of public money, your taxes and mine, to make life easier for people.

Trick question: Which is the more generally approved “ism”?

Harry Freiberg


Moral bankruptcy

Face it, conservatives. Trump is the president America’s adversaries always dreamed of, but never dared hope for.

Trump’s idol Putin has fantasized for decades about a fractured, leaderless Western alliance and an isolated America. Now, the president elected with extensive Russian assistance is achieving those objectives beyond Putin’s wildest hopes.

Trump is abandoning our commitments, antagonizing our friends, defiling our principles and destroying our national credibility more effectively than any external enemy could. He’s not being coerced — he truly embraces Putin’s perfect worldview of a disengaged America leaving Russia free to do as it wishes. And that, of course, includes more unopposed sabotage of our elections.

Then there’s China. In his embarrassing subservience to the malignant gerbil from North Korea, Trump dismissed our defensive military cooperation with South Korea, which would be a huge boost to China’s drive for regional domination. Of course, China just awarded Ivanka another batch of business trademarks worth millions and provided $500 million in financing to a Trump project in Indonesia. In response, Trump promptly ordered a bailout for a Chinese company that threatened US national security. China has bought itself a president. Cheap.

In summary, Trump delights this nation’s opponents and trashes our allies. He enables open corruption and gleeful amorality while sneering at honor and truth. The Republicans defending him with cult-like adoration are betraying every ideal that conservatives have ever claimed to venerate — strength, leadership, responsibility, decency, respect for the law and support for democracy.

American conservatism has declared moral bankruptcy.

Mike Gaynes