I would like to acknowledge and thank two stand-out gentlemen from our community.

The first is Fire Chief Jim Watson. Every week, he works with one of our high school special education students, explaining the workings of the firehouse, teaching him equipment identification, and supervising him in various tasks at the station. The student is continuously learning and is very excited to take on any job given.

Second, is Nolan Roy, of South Coast Lumber, who recently led a group of our teens through the workings of the local plywood mill. The students really enjoyed his safe and informative tour, with many questions asked and answered. Nolan also offered a future tour of the stud mill on Carpenterville Road to continue educating the students on this important local business.

Watson’s and Nolan’s commitment to our local youth is outstanding and very much appreciated by our students and staff at Brookings Harbor High School.

Britt Ballance

BHHS SPED Department

Agree with Merkley

I agree with Oregon Sen. Jeff Merkley that the Justice Department must stop tearing children away from their parents at the Mexican border.

Under U.S. law, illegal immigrants are entitled to apply for asylum. Until that asylum is granted or denied in court, children (some barely toddlers) should never be ripped away from their parents simply to terrorize those parents. Americans are better than this.

William Lundquist


Historical event

What a great moment in history that happened on June 11 when my president was seen shaking hands with the leader of North Korea. He didn’t bow, kiss a ring or apologize for the past actions of the United States of America.

I hope the next progressive meeting in Brookings has crow as an entrée with crumbs as a side. Perhaps the meal should be free with someone else paying the bill.

Wonder what the topic of the discussion will be.

It won’t be wages, won’t be unemployment, won’t be jobs, won’t be tax cuts, won’t be the stock market, it won’t be black or Hispanic employment and it won’t be the economy in general. Guess they will have to discuss more welfare programs, how MS13 are not animals and we should let anyone into our country and decriminalize all crimes.

I hope every American will respect our flag not only on Flag Day but salute and respect what it represents every day of the year.

Allan W. Stewart



The President and his congressional and media enablers claim there is no evidence of collusion between Trump and Russia. They ardently ignore, and assume we don’t know, that both Trump advisor Papadopoulos and Trump Jr. have publicly admitted to or even bragged about attempting collusion with Russians.

Even without that evidence, Trump enablers must explain why Trump is now doing nothing to prevent Russian manipulation of the 2018 elections and why Trump constantly undermines our historic allies on this continent and in Europe while furthering the goals of despots and dictators around the world.

Whether Trump colluded with Russia or not, it has been publicly acknowledged that members of his campaign did, and we can see him constantly undermining our friends and colluding with our international competitors.

Candidates running under the Republican (now Trumpist) banner should know that they and their party platforms are based on supporting Russian collusion.

Trisha Vigil