Split America

Donald Trump fed America 3,000 lies during his first 16 months in office.

Every time he speaks he lies about something.

Like about jobs; our economy has created less jobs in Trump’s first 16 months than the last 16 months of Obama’s presidency.

Don’t believe me? Check the Bureau Of Labor Statistics website for yourself. (Then thank Obama for the record low unemployment numbers.)

Psychologists call his serial lying a kind of grooming. It works like this; start with small fuzzy lies like, “it’s not your fault, it’s the brown man’s fault.” Repeat it often and never admit you’re a racist for saying it.

Once your victims swallow the small lies you feed them bigger and bigger ones.

Eventually, you could shoot someone in Times Square and nobody will mind.

Pedophiles use this technique to groom children. Joseph Goebbels used it in the 1930s. Trump has done it to 40 percent of my country. How very, very sad.

Why don’t we just give up? Split America into two countries. Maybe at the continental divide, or just Oregon, Washington, and California.

The folks the Republicans find disgusting will naturally migrate west, and a reverse grapes of wrath will draw like minded people eastward.

Meanwhile, we’ll be building Trump’s wall from Canada to Mexico.

By the time it’s finished, the folks that hate me and 200 million other Americans, will have migrated to the “Confederate States Of America” leaving us here in “The New America” to struggle on, trying to create a more perfect union.

Larry Schelter

Gold Beach

Policies working

Even with all the efforts by the left and the liberal media to discredit President Trump and to try to prove he is unfit for office, his approval ratings continue to climb. That’s because the rest of us know that his policies are working and he is keeping the campaign promises that got him elected.

The economy is growing. Employment is robust. Tax reform is working. Job creators are upbeat and optimistic. And the good news out of the Korean Peninsula is stunning. To all the Never-Trumpers who thought he would push the button and get us into nuclear war: Think again.

Trump-Pence 2020. God bless America.

Dora Costa


Two good choices

I have been around boats and the boating world all of my life. For most of the past 10 years my wife and I have lived on our boat traveling from Brookings to well past Ketchikan, Alaska. We reviewed our boat log and we counted visits to 63 different ports during the past decade. We know many of these other ports quite well. We love our community and this is our home but our port does not fare well by comparison.

We, as a community, have an opportunity to make it better through better leadership. Currently nine people are offering their time and talents to help our port by throwing their names into the hat to be selected to serve on the port board of commissioners.

I have known Ken Range and Richard Heap for years. A number of years ago I served in our local Coast Guard Auxiliary with Range and Heap.

These guys are smart, honest and conduct themselves with the highest level of integrity. Range and Heap are highly capable, serious men. If we can fill a couple of board seats with this caliber of talent we should take them up on their offer as soon as possible.

Jerry Norman


Beautiful display

I would like to express my unbounded gratitude to Manley Art Center and the Pelican Bay Art Association for their presentation of beautiful paintings created by the residents of Bright Creek at SeaView Senior Living in Brookings.

Enlightened with the knowledge that our seniors who experience dementia have so much to express, these women put on an exhibit that definitely wowed our community. Memory Care residents have so much to offer — sometimes not with words — but always with paint.

A big thank you to Karen Harris, Sharon Guy, Joan Eddy and Gwen Childes. We look forward to many more collaborations. We would also like to thank Wright’s Custom Framing and Art for supplying our paper, paint and brushes. Truly a local effort.

Terri Peck

Bright Creek at SeaView Senior Living

No place else

Neither side wants anything to do with the other. A thought or two:

To those of us on the right, the left looks like a cavalry of liberated mad as a March hare who are questionably, permitted to wander unaided and allowed to advise those more qualified how to run our government. When by all reason should be chained and confined to the looney bin they hailed from. Most in full flight from reality or that there is anything coming down the pike.

Those of us on the left, view the right as an cavalry of weapon-shouldering, religious pulpiteer, xenophobic, sexist, homophobic, misogynist autocrats who want us to be back in the Ozzie and Harriet days.

Has it always been this way and social media has aided in rearing its ugly head? Maybe these faceless social wannabe mavens just fail at life and need to appear to have a purpose? Or, has it gone to a entire different plain? The uncommon now the common, anything goes not matter whose toes you step on?

Neither side wants anything to do with the other maybe it is as simple as that.

America is truly the greatest country in the world. Don’t let freedom slip away. After America, there is no place left to go.

“Freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction. We did not pass it to our children in the bloodstream. It must be fought for, protected, and handed on for them to do the same” — President Ronald Reagan.

Tinker Mellinkoff


Enjoy the ride

I want to commend Mike Gaynes for his recent letter regarding the person currently representing our country and also comment on another lady’s mentioning how negative and angry Letters To The Editor have been.

Yes, people are negative and angry, but attempting to enlighten the supporters of this unbelievably corrupt president is wasted because the people who support Trump just refuse to get it; either you cannot see that you are being hoodwinked or you do not care. Apparently as long as the upper class and the wealthy have plenty of funds to live nicely the rest of the country can do without, even be destroyed in their endeavor to have merely the basics needed to live a normal everyday life.

Trump is quietly and insidiously destroying our country and all that we have always stood for… the rest of the world looks on with disbelief. His so called accomplishments are riddled with crippling changes, the kind you live every day and just have to accept because someone with power bamboozled you along the way.

People say he is the great deal-maker, but refuse to acknowledge that his deals were and are most often corrupt and underhanded. What a guy you chose to represent this country. Enjoy the ride folks. He’s your man.

Barbara Caswell

Gold Beach

Seek solutions

Are Americans becoming numb to children dying in their schools? We have a summer from class that children are looking forward to but for different reasons than my generation.

We need to problem solve this summer. For example, in-service school counselors on strategies to determine troubled kids through the student body and teachers via secret suggestion boxes on site, as well as social media. Institute the appropriate care these individuals need as a priority.

Place security booths at the entrances of all schools and make all other doorways exit only with the exception of pass keys to first responders. Maybe encourage the NRA to cover the expense of the changes needed in a show of good faith.

This is beyond horrifying but for the family affected it’s life altering.

Nancy Erb


Petulant schoolboy

I’m wondering why nobody is demanding Roy Davis’ termination or recall.

He was elected to serve on the board of commissioners at the port and yet refused to do his job during the recall. I saw him quoted as saying the votes would be 2 to 1 against him as a reason not to go to the meetings. Wouldn’t that be democracy?

It reminds me of the petulant schoolboy who takes his ball home if they won’t play his game. I doubt you’ll ever be able to convince me there is not a good ‘ole boy system down there that is flourishing.

Thanks for letting me throw my two cents in.

Gary May


Men’s health

Menstuff.org celebrates International Men’s Month June 1-30 by discussing a different men’s issue each day at https://bit.ly/2LnGoSE.target="_blank">https://bit.ly/2LnGoSE.

International Men’s Health Week starts June 11 leading up to Father’s Day with a different health issue each day. https://bit.ly/2swt2fB.

So why should you care? For starters, men die four years earlier than women and at higher rates from the top 10 causes of death — heart disease, cancer, stroke, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, accidents, pneumonia and influenza, diabetes, suicide, kidney disease, and chronic liver disease and cirrhosis.

Health Problems Women vs Men: Intellectual Disability — 2/3; Autistic 1/4.5; Hyperactive child 1-3 to 7; Bedwetters at age 5 - 3 percent/7 percent; Stutterers 1/4; Suicide attempts 4/1; Suicide 1/3.5.

We believe that women and men are each other’s natural allies, not enemies. And that women and men’s freedom is interdependent on the other’s. (https://bit.ly/2xIkWpz) Therefore, eradicating all sexism is in the interest of both groups. Information on women’s issues abounds on television and the web, through national and local support services and college courses, and on book shelves in bookstores and libraries.We cover hundreds of men’s issues https://bit.ly/2JfFiYd in our attempt to provide some balance. Check us out. www.menstuff.org.

Gordon Clay


Risky business

Salmon Run golf course is being considered as the location for an event center — a way to balance its budget. Why is Brookings willing to mission drift away from its overall economic development objectives to help Salmon Run balance its budget?

An event center located anywhere besides the downtown area will discourage discretionary spending at downtown establishments before and after events. Encouraging after event impulse buying requires convenience. An event center on the outskirts of town is risky business, hamstrung by the distance to the course and the difficult winding road.

The city should consider Azalea Park over Salmon Run for an event center as it will provide for the best use of our local resources and provide the greatest economic stimulus to our downtown area businesses.

The economic benefits that may be realized from an event center at the golf course will be much lower than an event center located closer to downtown. A larger positive economic impact will result if we support our downtown in the off-season over Salmon Run.

The city should have South Coast Development project budgets for both locations. Market research is key to determining which location will stimulate the most positive economic impact. A focus group of target customers for off-season rentals would identify preferences.

As a golfer, I hope the marketing for Salmon Run golf course is brought up to snuff so this destination can be self-sustaining. Travel Oregon grant money is available for such endeavors.

Skip Hunter