I was thinking …

By Boyd Allen

After a few months as a reporter, I should explain government, or

“Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife to revise season for 2019”

Recently I worked through some government documents on a story, and I thought the public needed to know what was going on. This is a summary of my analysis of the facts.

It seems recent funding from OB had impacted the PBH through the IFA and loans from IFA could be used to fund projects with FEMA.

This is important because some businesses in the BURA were leaving due to SDCs and other BPs.

I wondered, but what if recent developments in Gold Beach discussed by GBMS in the TH with GBCC lead to money from UR coming to them under recommendation from OMS in the form of TIF.

Importantly, OMS concurred, while WRCA, OCTA, and TO did not.

CCH worked with BHSD to place a unit in BHHS to collaborate with OHA to provide funding through SAMHSA for DAPS.

The plan was extended after a YAC met with LPSCC to encourage partnerships with POPD, BPD and GBPD.

The sheriff’s office could not participate because they lacked an acronym.

CHC and ORCCA got involved after NWU contacted the BOC about the recall from PBHBOC and GBYF funded a program there.

BHFB, BRM and CG provided food for the event hosted by WRC, but no one wanted to discuss SSAs until CZB LLC offered the CCHS which, through ALICE, proved you can’t buy a house here, and the USCG confirmed a boat had capsized in the Chetco River.

This gave the DA proof that the market was upside down, so he took evidence to the DOJ about the BCFD to prove collusion on the part of OSP for DWS convictions on temporary tags.

No one is sure how ODOT became involved, especially without a license, but their presence at several events, including RTC, convinced many that ODFW and OCF were joining forces to control the RFAO through an advisory subpanel of PFMC.

And that’s how the fishing seasons were established for next year.

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