Not vindictive

There is no personal vindictiveness associated with the recall of port commissioners. There are facts that are available by contacting me, which I’ve invited many to do since the recall started.

Very few have attempted to contact me. Why is that?

Seems to me Curry News and Views social media site is fueled by a very dubious source.

A recent letter mentions the cost of $20,000 caused by recallers. Well, let’s get public information out that the recalled commissioners have cost the port about $50,000 in lawyer fees since the illegal meeting and now are all involved in very serious lawsuits.

The decision they made at the Jan. 5 meeting has now come to haunt them just as I told them all that night that it would.

I voted no in both the illegal meeting as well as the public hearing meeting. Since the last port election, the port has stopped forward motion due to self-serving agendas.

The only thing asinine here is the poorly deprived and misinformed Curry News and Views website followers.

Vote yes on the recall ballot.

Roy Davis

Port of Brookings Harbor commissioner

Thanks for help

Port of Brookings Harbor wanted to say thank you wholeheartedly to Oregon South Coast Fishermen and volunteers for extending a helping hand when it was needed the most.

Your contribution and dedication to the fish cleaning station has been magnificent. Your work has been extraordinary and without all your hard work this project would still have been incomplete.

Again, thank you very much for all you hard work and dedication for repairing the fish cleaning station.

Kathy Lindley Hall

interim manager

Port of Brookings Harbor

No recall

Enough is enough. The continuous cacophony of “recall, recall” of our port commissioners online and off from the same group of people and their friends, abetted by the Curry Coastal Pilot, has become disgusting.

All the years of problems with port finances, disrepair, neglect, increasing rates and yes, disrespect, are now being laid at the feet of port commissioners who have served less than a year in office. The same port commissioners we are being asked to recall.

The piling on of reasons to recall are self-serving for many, paybacks or political opportunism, while for others it’s a thin-skinned attitude reflective of this easily offended world we now live in.

Recalls should be used judiciously, in cases of malfeasance or incompetence. No longer.

An elected official votes differently from what you want? Recall. The elected official didn’t answer you to your satisfaction on an issue? Recall. You don’t understand something? Recall.

We sit around and complain about the poor choices we have for and in elected offices these days. We say that politicians lack integrity, brains, skills or all of the above.

Yet, any smart person with skills and integrity would be hard pressed to run for elected office in this hostile environment that we have all created. It can be a thankless and sometimes destructive choice to be an elected official, especially for the mostly volunteer positions in rural communities like ours.

Vote no on recall and let’s move forward to build our community and port back again, together.

Georgia Nowlin


too far left

I personally think the editor of our hometown newspaper should not be to the left of Chairman Mao and Che Guevara. The editor of this paper should quit or be fired. Otherwise, I think a boycott of this newspaper is very much in order.

Just because the progressive left and the Democrat Party choose to be more radical than the Communist Party was 20 years ago that is no reason to act like a sissy and call uncle. I would know because I was a member of the Communist Party from 1993 to 1996.

Gus Hall of the Communist Party did not go around threatening to kill the president back in the day. Loudmouth jerks like Angela Davis and Madonna talk about wanting to kill Donald Trump at the women’s march and most of your never Trumpers act like it isn’t even a big deal.

So much for love and tolerance from those people who like to go around acting like they are so loving and tolerant.

Unlike the ultra radical rabble who run the Democrat Party these days I actually studied and looked into Marxist theory very closely. Marxists do not believe in the family and they do not believe in borders. Marxists do not believe in this country. They would have that in common with malcontents like Nancy Pelosi and Keith Ellison, who run the Democrat Party these days.

Joe Thomas


Kept promises

President Trump, thank you for delivering on your campaign promises, you have:

•Delivered the largest tax cut for our country since President Reagan.

•Destroyed Isis, which Obama built up in the Middle East; now controls no territory.

•Erased Obama-era regulations that was crippling our economy.

•Created more than $7 trillion dollars in new wealth for Americans by getting the economy going.

•Slowly eliminating Obamacare which required large insurance premiums for little coverage.

•Eliminating mandates for us to pay for abortions and sex-change operations.

•Reduced the number of illegal border crossings by 70 percent.

All of your achievements are too long of a list for me to include now and you did not need this job but you saw that we were about to be destroyed forever. You put your personal interest at risk to save our children and grandchildren.You are under a daily relentless assault from our news media but you fight back and stand strong because you love our country.

For all of this and more you have my thanks and appreciation.

You can count on me to continue to fight alongside you to “Make America Great Again.”

Clayton Dalrymple

Hunter Creek

In bad taste

When I submit letters to the Pilot editor I restrain from calling others nasty or offensive names and I list ways to verify my facts. Most of my letters have been about corruption and cover-ups or are in response to writers who spin the truth and don’t follow the guidelines.

For example, there was a recent letter entitled “Appalled.” The writer used the word “obviously” in an attempt to prove that Kelly Sadler was “aping the language and attitude” of President Trump. In bad taste, the writer accused President Trump of being a coward who used deferments to evade the draft.

I am an Army veteran. Some of my closest friends received deferments and I never once considered them cowards. This was just another failed attempt to discredit President Trump.

We conservatives respect the guidelines of the Pilot and we expect the editor to be fair and show both sides of the coin. Let the readers see the truthful facts and decide for themselves.

I predict President Trump will win a second term because many good things have already been and will continue to be accomplished as he fulfills his campaign promises. Unfortunately, many on the left don’t hear about it because they listen to the liberal media which hates President Trump and continues to try to discredit him. Disliking his personality is not reason enough to oust or impeach a duly elected president.

Lou Costa


Take back our area

I’d like to thank Michael Issac for his letter and the Pilot for posting it. Michael is right, many of us either came here or stayed here for a better quality of life.

I remember a time when the police report was full of reports like skateboarders at Ray’s or town deer eating someone’s garden. We had a great clothing store (the Emporium) that’s now a dollar store. Now thrift stores are on prime real estate.

Our jail is nothing but a revolving door that lets criminals out as fast as they take them in. Our court has become a game show “Let’s Make A Deal.” Our RV parks once filled with tourists and families on vacation are now low income housing projects. Transients and dilapidated RV’s make their home wherever they want.

It’s time to take back our area.

Harold Bailey


Termination wrong

After reading several Letters to the Editor supporting the port commissioners currently on the ballot for recall, I can’t understand how anyone can support port commissioners who willfully violated the law by terminating the employment of Mr. (Gary) Dellinger, their port manager, without due process of law.

Evidently, those who support the commissioners facing recall don’t respect the law in place by disregarding it. How can a law being violated be justified by any good exercised in the past and present by the parties in question? To accept such behavior is like giving the port commissioners a slap on the wrist and the victim be damned.

One doesn’t know what the outcome will be but irreparable damage has been done and the termination of Dellinger without due process has further tarnished the port’s reputation.

One wonders why the commissioners chose to take such drastic action without first advising him of their intentions, thus giving him an opportunity to exercise his right to know the reasons for his termination. Surely, they couldn’t have been unaware of due process, and isn’t an attorney available to advise them on such matters?

Perhaps all candidates running for public office should be given an exam to ascertain their capability to serve and that they have an understanding of the law.

Barbara Wieneke