By Roy Davis

In response to Jan Barbas’ Statement of Justification, he mentions progress since he has been on the Port of Brookings Harbor board.

Yes, spending thousands of the taxpayers’ dollars on three lawsuits named against him for an illegal public meeting violation, wrongful discharging and defamation of character.

He says terminating (Port Manager) Gary Dehlinger was the most difficult decision in his life. Please. I was present at the public hearing and Barbas voted in public with no remorse whatsoever. There was nothing in the best interest of the port, only the interest of a self-serving rogue commissioner.

He mentions how cash position continues to grow. Yes, it does due to the good work by the staff doing their jobs. It has nothing to do with Barbas as a commissioner. Commissioners are to set policy and help guide the manager.

Barbas mentions he was instrumental in helping with Natural Mitigations Plans. I’m sorry but that credit has to be given to Dehlinger, Jack Akins and Skylar Windham. Commissioners are not to be involved in day-to-day operations.

Barbas asks us, the public, for support. He has created scandal, has run off a valuable port employee, illegally fired the port manager and cost taxpayers thousands of dollars.

Barbas’ answer is anyone can make a mistake. This port cannot afford another Barbas mistake, nor can the voters take a chance to support him. Recall Jan Barbas. He has received over 1,000 signatures to see him recalled. The citizens have spoken.

After reading Angi Christian’s Statement of Justification, I just had to laugh. Except there is no humor at all in what she wrote. Some well-known facts:

Christian has been one of four commissioners put on a recall ballot. Christian states that only a small group is trying to recall her. The recall needed 846 signatures to put her on the recall ballot. We received well over 1,000 signatures from citizens of this great community to recall her.

Not a small group by any means.

She goes on to say how she keeps the citizens of the community at her best interest. Then how does she justify being part of a lawsuit of violating public meeting laws, wrongful discharge and, defamation of character due to the illegal firing of Dehlinger, and costing the port thousands of dollars in legal fees? She mentions the Port of Brookings Harbor is in as good of shape as it was before she was voted in the commissioner seat. Obviously, this is not true.

She claims renovating the fish cleaning station, launch ramp, FEMA money and dock pilings. These were all put into action by the previous board of commissioners.

Since July, when she came on the board, there has been constant upset crowds at meetings. She is rude to the public and does not lead the meetings. She allows another commissioner — Barbas — who is also named in three lawsuits against the port to lead.

Where in her statement she says the current commission funded new equipment. From attending meetings and paying attention of what has been going on, the new board has not funded anything.

The port staff on the other hand has done a great job of doing their jobs, managing the port’s funds. The commissioners are not to meddle in the day-to-day operation of the port, but to set policy and guide the manager at quorum public meetings.

Christian deserves to be recalled. Ninety percent of her Statement of Justification is untrue.

Recall Christian.

Roy Davis is a Port of Brookings Harbor commissioner.