Salvation is a gift

Unfortunately you and Pilot readers have been duped by the fluff of a typical coffee drinking, cookie-cutter wolf in sheep’s clothing Christian. Since Donna Hughey bases her article on John 3:16, here are the facts:

Misquoting the scripture of John 3:16 will get her and you in serious trouble with God. The verse properly translated from Greek clearly says that one “should” (not will) have eternal life.

Anyone with any English training (even fourth grade) knows the difference between the two words. “Should” is a maybe and “will” is a definite. So all she had to say after that is bogus and a bunch of hooey, Hughey.

Satan’s friends even knew who Jesus Christ was (read your scripture). Plus, if you really read the scripture, you will find that everyone has to be properly baptized before they can enter God’s kingdom, including laying on of hands (book of Acts In case you are wondering).

An apology from Hughey and yourself would do wonders in your search for the truth and any hope of an eternal life placement in the hereafter. John 3:16 is a sermon unto itself, but nearly everyone just glides right through It without any discernment; Satan’s way of misleading so many lulled sheep.

Sincerely wanting the best eternal life for everyone. Salvation is a gift. Only we can accept or reject it (not taken away, the title of her article). And she gets paid blood money for her falsehoods and books...tsk, tsk.

Norm Felder


Has our vote

I have known Jan Barbas for quite a few years now. He is a good man. That stated, since I have lived here the port has always been a point of contention and controversy.

Truthfully, I thought Barbas was crazy for wanting to get involved and try and fix the mess leftover from past commissioners. But knowing Barbas he wants to contribute to his community and make it a better place for everyone.

I have never known Barbas to be petty or vindictive. Barbas is intelligent, thoughtful, and thorough when approaching problems. You can count on him to gather the facts before rushing to judge or act. Isn’t this what we need in our local government.

He certainly has our vote for county commissioner.

Nancy and Gary May



Congratulations to Jacob Racho Luis (Pilot, April 14). He was the only Brookings Harbor High School participant in the nationwide pro-life walk out, supporting the unborn.

Although others knew about the walk out they chose not to participate. Some because they didn’t want to offend others and others because they don’t believe the unborn are worthy of life, that those bigger, older and more powerful than them can take their life away.

The pro-choice Women’s March (2017) says,”Women deserve to live full and healthy lives free of all forms of violence against our bodies.”

How hypocritical is that? Like crazy hypocritical.

So Jacob, even though I don’t know you, I am proud of you for having the courage to stand alone. May there be more like you.

Nancy Myer


Keep Christian

We have known Angi Christian, president of the port board of commissioners, for some time now. We were glad to see her run for commissioner last year. When she was elected we knew we had a commissioner who would stop the decline of the port and put it back into top condition. She knew how to get the needed grants from FEMA that would give us back a revenue producing operation.

Under her leadership the port is eligible to apply for grants totaling $27 million. FEMA advised that grants, in that amount, have a cost benefit analysis of 4.6 percent. That would bring revenue of $40.5 million to the port and our community.

The recall election, generated by good but I think misguided folks, could cost us her leadership and it jeopardizes our ability to obtain the FEMA grants. No one else other than Christian and Jan Barbas are as qualified to ensure our chances of a massive influx of revenue. We don’t want to lose that.

The voters elected Christian, including us. We like her work at the port and we, the community, can’t let a recall deny us of her qualities, abilities and knowledge. Vote for Christian to stay on the port board of commissioners.

Phillip Dolan


Outstanding work

I want to acknowledge the sentiment of many Curry County residents by saying thank you very much for your outstanding work to our Coos Curry Electric Co-op. Also, thank you for the recently received, much appreciated Annual Capital Credit Allocation refund check.

The CCEC staff, both in the offices, and in the field, continue to always perform extraordinarily well, expressing courtesy, professionalism and genuine care and concern.

It’s truly impressive, the few times that we’ve lost our electricity, how quickly and efficiently, it is repaired, and returned to normalcy.

Recently, a letter was written to the editor filled with complaints about our CCEC. It interestingly comparing our co-op to those public utilities companies regulated by another authority, that of California state law.

I do hope his refund check was much higher than the 79 cents he critically predicted. In truth, the CCEC refund checks have been averaging over $100 per household.

Again, thank you very much, CCEC.

Clayton Johnson

Gold Beach

No transparency

At the Port meeting on April 23 (Jan) Barbas stated that the names of the applicants for the open commissioners position, their applications and their appointment needed to be made in a public port meeting. This for transparency and it is required by law.

Where was this transparency and by whose laws was (Gary) Dehlinger dismissed, rehired and fired? I guess its OK if it meets what Barbas thinks is fair play, what he believes is legal and is his idea of being transparent.

Barbas also stated that Ms. (Sharon) Hartung’s (my wife) appointment to the port commissioners board in September 2016 was an illegal action. He states the position was not advertised and was not in the commissioners’ meeting packet.

Barbas, Sharon and five others applied to the port’s ad.

Two commissioners and three persons from the public narrowed the applicants down to three for an interview. This committee of five interviewed with a Pilot reporter present.

Commissioner (Sue) Gold added to the port’s agenda Sept. 20, 2016 “Hiring a New Commissioner.” Barbas you continually add items to the agenda not in the commissioners’ packet. The minutes list applicant names, names of the review and interviewing board, and the names of the interviewed persons. Sharon was named commissioner with a motion at the meeting, commissioners voted her in unanimously, and she was sworn in in front of a public notary and the public. Barbas what is illegal or not transparent about that?

Gary Hartung