Change rules

In response to the steelhead catch limit: I want to mention some things never mentioned.

I have watched these guides run the Chetco River with motors on their boats for years.

Here is why they shouldn’t be allowed on the Chetco River: This pushes fish up on riffles that only the boat can get to.

Do the math. When a boat drifts a riffle five times, it’s like fishing the river five times in one day. The fish don’t have a chance.

The bank angler can’t get into these places, so it’s not fair to them.

I never hear this, either: A guide has a different client every day, meaning they can keep a wild steelhead every day. Do that math: Two fishermen, two fish a day. Seven days is 14 fish a week a guide can kill. That’s 56 fish a month, so the guide has a much better deal than one fisherman who can only have five fish a year.

Now sea lions.

We only had two or three a year at the mouth; this year I counted 25. Some fishermen saw them at the North Fork killing up to 20 steelhead a day.

Between the two, the Chetco is going to run out of fish.

If Harvey and other guides want to help the Chetco, get rid of your motors, get Fish and Wildlife to kill the sea lions upriver and charge Californians double for a fishing license.

Grant Fraley

Smith River

Work together

I’m a native Oregonian and have lived in Brookings-Harbor for more than 30 years. I have worked and raised my children here.

Over the years our community, for the most part, has come together to work and solve our problems. We didn’t resort to suing or recalling our elected officials.

The problems at the port have been going on for a number of years. It seems to me that there have been those who, from the start, have had it in for this port board of commissioners. It’s as if they were damned if they do and damned if they don’t.

It is not the port board that is costing the port and the taxpayers $20,000 but the people who petitioned for the recall. Stop this outrage obsession and rein in your grievances. Start working together for the good of all.

Patti Bertelson


Support Barbas

Just a short note to express my support for Jan Barbas.

I have found Jan to be very methodical, realistic and rational when it comes to making decisions. We don’t always agree, but I appreciate his honesty and his willingness to examine all sides of an issue. I will be voting for him on election day.

Lance Badger


Top notch

I cannot let another minute pass without sincerely thanking all of the folks that took part in my rescue April 25 from our capsized survey vessel at the Chetco beach berm.

The first responders, including the Coast Guard, port authority, EMT’s and hospital staff were all top notch and professional, as well as everyone else involved in helping me, in what was very much my hour of need.

We all know the risks involved in maritime work. This was an example of how quickly things can change out there, and the necessity of a skilled response.

Again, many thanks for all you do.

Marshall Tildon

Coos Bay

Good work

I would like to acknowledge and give a big thank you to the local businesses and community programs that have been donating food to the Brookings Harbor High School Extended Day Program.

With donations from the Brookings Harbor Food Bank, Brookings Harbor Rotary Club and First Rise Bakery, we have been able to provide food to the children who stay after school to get help on their class assignments. As a result of having snacks available for the students, our numbers have dramatically increased and we are serving a record number of students every week. Thank you all for your support.

Of course none of these efforts are worthwhile if we don’t have students who choose to attend and do their part to improve their grades. Consequently, I would also like to applaud those students who are showing up to get the help they need.

Keep up the good work.

Gretchen Francisco

Brookings Harbor High School

Extended Day Coordinator

Can’t afford choice

Jan Barbas says he is a uniter and tries to bring people together. He has been a Port of Brookings

Harbor commissioner for a little more than a year and has voted to:

1. Ask the district attorney and sheriff to launch a criminal investigation into former port management with what seemed a personal agenda. The DA sent the Documents to the Department of Justice and nothing has ever come of it.

2. Fired the port manager in a private meeting breaking the law, then rehired him days later after realizing they broke the law again breaking the law then in January re-firing him against their own port council’s advice.

3. Days after port council’s advice was ignored they fired him as well.

4. Released personal information to the internet causing possible defamation and a lawsuit. Costs to the port as reported on KCIW as of February 2018 is about $60,000 not including attorney fees.

In little more than a year he personally or the Port of Brookings Harbor are being sued by at least three people. After a recall was certified, Barbas refuses to resign and continues in his quest to now burden the county by asking us to elect him as a county commissioner.

The county can’t afford four more years of a commissioner tearing it down. The county cannot afford Barbas as county commissioner.

Sharon Hartung


Choose Barbas

My wife, Christy, and I have known Jan Barbas for some time. We met through some community organizations where Jan volunteers his services and has for years. His honesty is refreshing and his knowledge of Curry County is extensive.

We think Jan would be the perfect person to elect to the Curry County Board of Commissioners. He has a clear understanding of the county finance issues and is dedicated to the quick return of full law enforcement to Curry County. He is fully aware of funds available to increase law enforcement that the current commissioners refuse to use. Jan will work to tap those funds and return protection to our citizens.

In my view, in the 12 years we have lived in Curry, we have seen the county degrade in so many ways. It is time to stop the distress and malaise poor county government has given us. Barbas can and will reverse this problem. It is time for growth to come back to Curry and Jan will do that as well. Elect Barbas.

Phillip and Christy Dolan


Wishing the best

The day I’ve been dreading has arrived — Gary Milliman is retiring, leaving Brookings without the services of a city manager of incomparable quality, who has done so much for our community in the time we have been blessed to have him.

It’s not like Gary doesn’t deserve to retire after a long and illustrious career, it’s just that I, for one, can’t imagine the City of Brookings without him. I have written before about how lucky we were to have a person of such quality and integrity lead the administration of our little town but now well, it’s just going to be hard to replace him.

I just want to wish Gary all the best and to thank him profusely for his years of service.

On an entirely different topic, I can’t believe the two remaining port commissioners would not resign and would cost the port thousands of unnecessary dollars to hold a special recall election. Let everyone make a note that Jan Barbas does not have the support of people to be a port commissioner, a volunteer position, and now thinks we should pay him an extraordinary salary and benefit package to corrupt the county instead. Do not let this man continue the circus at the county — replacing (gratefully) the latest clown to hold that position. With over 22,000 people in this county, surely we can do better than that. Do not vote Barbas for anything.

Marty Grodin