By Julie Freeman


If you’ve ever had an experience with the sudden influx of migratory Siskin Finch, you have no idea the overwhelming, absolutely amazing amount of numbers that can arrive at your feeders.

It was my honor to experience this invasion and I can only say, “Whew.” For, at one point, easily over a thousand tiny birds descended into our small, backyard, R.V. site in the fall.

My husband and I happily put finch seed in our laps and quickly had 10 to 20 birds each, checking us out; eating and fighting, landing on laps, heads and shoulders. It had us quickly grinning from ear-to-ear in delight.

I wanted them to stay so I bought more bags of food, put up suet and hung sock-feeders. Everything was eaten within hours, of course, leaving behind empty shells and poop. Ha.

Oh well, I was enjoying the phenomena so I smartened up and contained the mess to one easily washable area. Once I made the sensible decision to contain them, I spent endless hours observing their antics with only enjoyment and love as my emotion.

One morning while I sat watching these feisty little birds in action, it dawned on me that they were, in many ways, like humans. We all fight and squabble, love and hate. Some people are timid, some ferocious, many just curious about life and very friendly ... and all have an abundance of issues.

It takes a wiser, more aware individual to observe humans and not become influenced by these numerous emotional issues. I wondered, how does one arrive at this higher outlook while dealing with the human race? How do we just observe tenderly, help when asked and not become controlling or negatively involved?

Why can’t we see people with all their many issues and flaws and still love and enjoy them like I did, those days in the fall, with the Siskin Finch?