Ask yourself, why is Measure 101 necessary now that we have the Affordable Care Act (ACA): The answer is obvious. Read on.

Cover Oregon failed to launch the ACA exchange at a cost of $300 million. More recently we learned Oregon paid $280 million in Medicaid for treatment of unqualified recipients or persons who failed to respond to an eligibility check. Additionally, Oregon, over a three-year period, over paid some Medicaid providers $74 million.

We voters are now asked to prop up Medicaid with a yes vote on Measure 101?

James Brock


Kissing backsides

I thank Gary Maceachern and Mike Gaynes for acknowledging they read my letters. I will now explain to them how the Democratic Party is on the verge of demolishing themselves.

When John McCain ran for president, he kissed the backside of the free press thinking it would bring them to his side but he still got torn apart by Obama and his press. Obama worked the streets of Chicago and left them in a worse mess then he found them in.

He was a senator for a little more than a year before deciding to run for president. He wasn’t close to being ready to lead our great country, but the liberal press took advantage of his personality, his family and his color.

I never thought Trump would be as effective as he is but his current pace will put him with the top five presidents ever. I hope liberals realize Curry County had 7,157 votes for Trump and 4,253 for Hillary. If you had attacked Obama like you have Trump the racial accusations would have been enormous. During his eight years, Obama lost 971 Senate legislative seats, 63 House seats and 12 Senate seats in 19 states they lost control of both houses of legislature and governorship. He and the Clintons were good for themselves but bad for their party.

Clayton Dalrymple

Gold Beach

Thanks for grant

On behalf of the Brookings-Harbor High School Youth Transition Program we would like to thank those at the Wild Rivers Foundation for hosting the Holiday Partner Reception and granting us funds.

With our funding we were able to purchase locally-sourced cranberries and donated jars of cranberry sauce to the Meals on Wheels program and my classmates and I were able to take a jar home for the holidays as well.

This funding also provided us with the materials needed to prepare our own holiday feast in class before leaving on vacation.

We would also like to thank the Brattain Family Trust, Caldwell and Sund Family Fund, John G. Atkins Foundation, Dale and Jo Ann Thomas Charitable Fund, Pacific Power, Red Sky Roofing, Redwood Medical, Patricia D. and William B. Smullin Foundation, South Fork/Big Flat Endowment Fund, St. Joseph Hospital, R. Baird and Jane Rumiano Family Fund, Gordon Elwood Foundation and The California Endowment.

Donavan Estes