Measure not a tax

The only argument I can see against Measure 101 is written by people who are against being taxed for any reason.

Let’s be clear, Measure 101 is not a tax. It’s a temporary assessment on insurance companies and some hospitals and other care providers. Your health insurance company can pass its cost on to you in the form of a higher premium. This doesn’t mean it will. If it does, the charge allowed by this measure cannot exceed of 1.5 percent of your premium. If your monthly cost is $300 and the increase is 1.5 percent, you would pay $4.50 more on that premium.

What does that $4.50 do? First, it will ensure that federal matching funds for Medicaid stay in place. Second, this funding will allow continued health care for low-income families, children and individuals. Finally, this is a non-partisan measure already passed by our legislature.

The groups supporting a yes vote have reputations for truthfulness and knowledge of the subject. For those who’ve never seen a tax they couldn’t hate, please, seriously reconsider your position. This is not a tax. There is no direct cost to you. You will not be paying more for anything, unless your insurance company passes its costs on to you.

Help keep all families and children in Oregon healthy. Vote yes on Measure 101.

Jan Henault