Stop the lies

Facts matter. The purposeful spreading of lies about the people and the groups they belong to needs to stop.

Since I was the one who started the group, I can tell you for a fact that Indivisible 97415 doesn’t get a penny from, nor does it take its direction from anyone other than our own members. In fact, we choose to advocate for our community.

Right now, our efforts are focused on multiple projects. We’re concerned about the removal of healthy trees in Azalea Park, and we’re actively working to get a hospital here in Brookings, hardly a subversive agenda. But believe me, if George Soros offered to pay for a hospital, we’d take the money in a heartbeat.

Regarding the snarky remarks about Dennis Triglia, you should know that Dennis donates his time, energy and efforts, as well as his money to many organizations in Brookings. He volunteers and supports groups as varied as Wild Rivers Dance to the League of Women Voters. He quietly gives to the homeless and the needy.

We are blessed to have such a kind, open and intelligent voice in this community, and we at Indivisible 97415 value his input and judgment.

For those of you who choose to be suspicious and judgmental of someone you don’t know based on lies, shame on you for smearing a good man and an organization that does good for the community.

I simply don’t understand the reason for this kind of ugliness. It needs to stop.

Lori Gallo-Stoddard


Publicity welcome

Thanks for the PR (Dec. 16) — we had three new member requests yesterday due to your letter. Our local Indivisible 97514 group prefers to define itself by things we are in favor of — social justice, human rights, the environment — rather than anti-anything.

But by definition that makes us, and the majority of people in this country who disapprove of this president and his flawed agenda, anti-Trump. Fine. None of us intended to become activists but couldn’t sit by and remain uninvolved as we witnessed what led up to the election, and has continued to degrade our country and our democracy as this presidency has unfolded.

The national Indivisible group has its focus. We adopted its name and ideals, but while Indivisible 97415 does think nationally, we’re taking action locally, intending to make Brookings a better place to live and thrive in for everyone.

Our members share ideals but each of us has a unique voice. We are of different political parties, or none. We’re funded by no one but ourselves and like-minded locals who agree with our mission.

Our members don’t always agree, but we foster an environment where that’s OK, where civil discourse rules and we’re able to hone our thoughts and goals with input from others.

You needn’t wonder who we are. We’re your friends and neighbors. If you’re interested in being part of the solution with us, find us online at or on Facebook.

Susan Shampo


Care for pets

Sadly, I’m sure that we’ve all heard the sounds, maybe in the distance, maybe in the neighborhood, maybe in our own backyard, of a desperate dog crying in the night. Some are big, some are small, some are young, some are old, some have long hair, some hardly have any hair at all. What they all have in common is a strong desire to be an integral part of the family, to simply display their love and their desire to be loved.

As caring dog owners, if it’s impossible to bring them into the home, let’s at least show them we care by not ignoring them, not ignoring their pleas. A kind word, a warm bed, a regular meal, a comforting pat tells them that they do matter, that they are loved.

Our dogs ask so little of us, and give so much. Let’s all return some of that love, and make sure they are truly cared for.

All year-round, and especially in colder weather, please provide the safety, warmth and nourishment our pets so desperately need, and love us so much for providing.

Happy holidays to everyone, and especially to our families and and our pets.

Clayton Johnson

Gold Beach