The flag

It was born on July 4, l776. It stands for the Declaration of Independence.

It stands guard with the greatest military power in the world. It stands for peace, honor and justice. It stands for freedom. It is recognized all over the world. It is saluted and has been respected for more than 200 years.

It has been burned, torn, and trampled on the streets of this country. It has served in every battle. We fly the flag half-staff to honor our soldiers, and it rests in the trembling arms of loved ones at grave sites.

The American flag does not fly because the wind moves past it. The American flag flies from the last breath of each military member who has died protecting it.

We stand for the flag.

We kneel for the fallen.

Hopefully, the NFL players will respect the flag and stand, not take a knee during the national anthem!

God bless America, the home of the brave and land of the free.

Sam Vitale,

Vietnam veteran


Tax cuts destroy

Republicans are about to reduce taxes again on America’s wealthy.

Three Americans now own as much as half of all Americans. But, Gates, Bezos and Buffet aren’t the only billionaires around. How much of America do the rest of America’s billionaires own?

Some 85 people now have the wealth of half the world. There are some 2,500 billionaires in the world today. How much of the world do they own?

So much for the American Revolution. So much for the Civil War. So much for the battle for equality. The kings are back and they are re-making the world. Our president and his family stand to gain as much as a billion dollars in tax cuts.

The GOP has shown that if they wave the flag and pump the cross they can fool 100 million Americans, literally, all the time. These fools routinely shoot themselves in the foot and the rest of us, too, every time they vote.

Nearly half of Americans voted for this and have been voting for it for decades.

Republican tax cuts have destroyed America before our very eyes. Those of us who have been screaming about it for decades have only been hurting our vocal chords.

Good-bye democratic, egalitarian America. Thanks to Republican voters, the money-changers have taken over the temple of the people. Poverty, wars, jailing, destruction of the Garden of Eden and gifts to the wealthy will continue unabated.

Tracy Rupp


Spend then tax?

In Public Forum (Pilot Nov. 29) it appears Commissioner Court Boice has fallen prey to the liberal belief that spending fixes everything.

He gives it a twist by believing instead of “tax and spend” the best approach is to “spend then tax.” He wants to loan out as much as possible until it can’t be repaid, then the county taxpayers will be on the hook.

He mentions helping Curry Health Network restructure its debt, loaning monies to any or all of the 42 taxing districts in the county, and loaning $1 million to CHN to get the emergency department in Brookings. His rationale doing so is that once the money is spread around “…they’ll thrive and we’ll all receive long-term benefits.” Sounds like the same old liberal theme; we just need to ask ourselves, how is (it) working so far?

It all sounds too much like promises made in the past.

Instead, let’s make sound business decisions. No money gets loaned without a well-developed, solid business plan that shows how the money will be used, what benefits will be derived and the economic realities of repaying the loan.

And be transparent about it.

Ken Hall


Not a solution

Court Boice’s Nov. 29 Public Forum letter poses the question; “Do you sense some logic, rationale and a chance for our county to come together?”

By his own opinion of fairness, I say absolutely not.

It is Boice’s written opinion that South County citizens “do not need to pay” for the long proposed Brooking’s emergency center. His self-described fairness means the other, much less populated part of the county must somehow shoulder the entire cost of opening the South County facility.

He apparently finds logic in the fact that simply because South County residents currently drive 25 miles to another emergency center justifies that none of the new facility expense should fall upon their shoulders.

How he can believe that it is fair that only the Curry County taxpayers living north of the Pistol River should pay this entire cost is truly baffling.

If that sort of so-called fairness is what it takes to unite our country, then I say thanks, but no thank you.

Clayton Johnson

Gold Beach