Grinch working

I understand why the rich need to the pass their billions on to their progeny tax-free. Poor Don Jr. needs daddy’s money to keep killing endangered African elephants for fun.

The plan eliminates the $250 deduction for our underpaid teachers who spend their own money educating our children. Really, Mr. Grinch?

The plan will shift the cost of running our government from corporations and the wealthy to you and me. Some of us may get a small break.

But don’t get sick. The plan’s elimination of the ACA insurance mandate will guarantee skyrocketing health insurance premiums and loss of coverage for millions. After your medical emergency when you receive your exorbitant medical bills, your CPA will inform you that the plan has eliminated medical deductions. Surprise.

Yes, the Grinch’s team is working hard this holiday season is to steal your money. It is so important that even the Grinch himself takes occasional time out from his busy golf schedule to tweet about it. If you’ve not seen his resume, the Grinch is a con man, a proven liar and a sexual predator.

Godspeed Mr. Mueller. Save our ship.

Paul Pierson


Taxpayer’s right

Commissioner (Court) Boice voted against a travel policy and travel expense limits.

He then complained, in the papers, about nonreimbursement of $1,266 for gas claimed as commissioner duty expenses related to the Chetco Bar Fire.

At the Oct. 18 board of commissioners meeting, I asked what specific commissioner duties he performed to determine for myself if reimbursement was justified. I estimate he claims he drove more than 100 miles daily for under 60 days. His public statements were he attended daily response team briefings without indicating specific activities/issues requiring commissioner presence, and he coordinated volunteers without identifying what volunteers performing what services required commissioner onsite involvement. He chose not to explain.

Now County Administrator (John) Hitt wants to eliminate extra county vehicles, saving maximum taxpayer dollars before the county asks us to increase taxes.

Boice stated he’ll take a car for himself, not wanting to use his classic vehicles for county business.

If Boice, or anyone, takes a county vehicle, hopefully it’s for official business use solely to/from county offices in Gold Beach. Insurance as well as maintenance and repair are taxpayer responsibilities. We’re liable for any accidents/injuries its use causes, as well as lawsuits arising therefrom: regardless of vehicle occupants or purpose. Does the travel policy protect against non-duty related use?

The other commissioners don’t file such travel reimbursement claims. Commissioners have the right to reasonable travel expenses. Taxpayers have the right to know their money is well spent; else I won’t vote for any tax increase.

Dianne Daniels

Gold Beach

Losing land

I am in total agreement with building a wall between the U.S. and Mexico.

However, I have one concern. The fence cannot be built exactly on the international border line.

The fence posts will be 20 feet tall, so a large hole must be dug and the post anchored with concrete. If dug on the border line, a portion of the hole would extend into Mexico.

Also, the workers would have to step into Mexico when erecting the fence. So, the fence will have to be offset by a necessary amount back into the U.S. side.

The fence will cross four states. Most states have a law that if a fence remains in place for a given number of years — for example in Oregon that requirement is 10 years — that fence then designates the property line. Is it possible Mexico could eventually claim the land up to the fence line through the adverse possession law?

We could lose a lot of land.

Alan Jensen