Share your story

We’re looking for anecdotes. During September of last year, we introduced a campaign called R U OK? in Curry and Del Norte counties with the goal to reduce the stigma around talking about mental health issues, and more specifically suicide.

Breaking the stigma takes a community so those who experience suicidal thoughts might feel safer to talk about what is distressing them and feel more comfortable about asking for help. The R U OK? campaign with semicolon wallet cards and buttons was our effort to get health and human service providers, schools, students, peers, family members, neighbors, local businesses and all caring citizens to be more aware of a friend who might be exhibiting suicidal signs, and gain the confidence, through the internet or local trainings, on how to help them.

Telling our stories is another way to bring the subject out in the open. So, we’re asking you to share your story that we can put on our website. It can be your own experience with suicide, an experience of losing someone, a story around seeing the semicolon wallet card or button, seeing a semicolon tattoo — you name it. We would hope that you would share your name to really break the stigma around suicide, but remaining anonymous is okay too. Just keep it truthful.

Send your story to me at or to P.O. Box 12, Brookings, OR 97415.

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Concerning Huxley

Mr. Huxley: I am here for myself and an ever-growing number of your constituents who have grave concerns.

You ran for office on the promise of fiscal responsibility.

That includes finding answers to the pressing issues facing Curry County. You say a county manager will work in Curry. What will the choices be, given the financial state of the county? Sheriff Ward can’t even keep a deputy because of salary restraints and job security.

I sit here week after week and watch countless hours wasted on how people will address you, and the time and language constraints they must adhere to, rather than finding ways to fund the county.

I hear you minimize a grant Mr. Hovdey got, and refuse to allow Commissioner Boice to look into forming a committee to find ways to raise capital.

Mr. Huxley, in my business, I never wrote a check without having the money to pay it. What will you do if there is a road disaster and the road fund goes away?

When things are tight in business, yes, we make cuts, but if we want our business to succeed, we find new revenue sources to fund it.

You have made cuts, but this county needs to look for revenue resources.

Please stop the backbiting here and work together. Stop looking for a manager to do your job sir, and roll up your sleeves, all of you, and get to work.

Christopher Paasch

Gold Beach

Shelter tales

Samson here. I’m a stunning 5-year-old blue mastiff mix who you may have seen around town. Once seen — never forgotten.

That’s particularly true when I become an immovable object, which is any time I please! And I please often. Just the other day, I stopped traffic three times with my volunteer walker. Don’t know what all the fuss was about? The world stops for Samson, not the other way around.

Now, don’t get me wrong. I love my walks and getting out of the shelter, it’s just that, at some point, I’m figuring “Hey, where’s my wheels, man?”

That’s when I dig my heels in — sorry, paws — and won’t budge. Open a car door and I’ll fly through the air. You guys are so slow to catch on! Walk, then drive — no drive — no jive. Simple equation.

So, if any of you peeps would like to take me for a spin — and don’t mind a bit of slobber — then I’m ya man. Not in the back of an open pick-up though — I belong to the shelter and safety is an issue. Slippery surfaces are hard to grip.

I’m a smart dude. Hey, how many shelter dogs get a human taking dictation? Ya dig? A couple of drives a week will make me perky and lift my spirits. Maybe I could get a team of you taking turns? I don’t get out much — something to do with stopping?

Jan Marney


Money experiment

The West has shifted from a worldview that believed in divinely inspired moral absolutes to a worldview that believes final reality is based upon impersonal chance.

Naturalists such as Kant and Darwin believed man’s knowledge is limited to observation by human senses and excludes supernatural causes. Naturalism is the basis of nihilism, Marxism and Keynesianism. Keynesian economics provided the intellectual rational to transform the state from and administrator of the law (as the Bible teaches) into an economic manager with broad powers to create full employment with fiat paper money.

When the United States removed the gold backing from the dollar in 1968, the nature of money changed and transformed the size and role of the government. In 1971, when the Bretton Woods international monetary system broke down, and Nixon stopped redeeming the dollar with gold, central banks began creating fiat money to manage the business cycle.

Total public and private debt in the U.S. surpassed $1 trillion for the first time in 1964. Credit growth has been the driver of economic growth for decades. Total world debt recently reach $300 trillion. In the recession of 2008, global debt stopped increasing fast enough to drive global growth when the housing bubble burst.

When the U.S. went into crisis in 2008, China stepped on the credit accelerator and became the driver of global growth. However, China has created excess manufacturing capacity, which has caused a bubble in non-performing bank loans.

The credit boom in China is going bust. Fiat credit booms cannot be sustained indefinitely without inflation or a liquidation depression. The current 50-year soft money experiment will end in financial failure, world war and devastation to civilization.

Those who do not study history are doomed to repeat past failures.

Dr. Steve Johnston


The Election process

Just a quick note to Jack Pruitt (Pilot, July 29) and others who think as he does.

Jack wrote that Hillary Clinton “did win by 3 million votes but the job went to someone else.”

Reminder: Clinton did not “win” anything. If she had she’d be POTUS now.

Please, please take a basic high school civics course or at least use Google to learn about the election process. Then maybe you’ll understand why the founders of this great nation use the Electoral College for presidential elections.

Do that and you’ll sound much more knowledgeable.

Mike Wiley


Devisive Dogma

Franklin Delano Roosevelt led America from depression to a superpower.

After World War II we emerged as half of the world’s economy.

But FDR died in his fourth term, before he could get all he wanted for us:

•A decent job at a livable wage;

•Universal healthcare;

•A good education;

•An affordable home;

•Paid vacation;

•An adequate pension.

On the other side of the Atlantic, devastated Europeans were very upset at the price they had to pay for two world wars. They demanded and got from their governments many of the things FDR wanted for us plus a more united Europe.

But, in America, something else was going on — making money. Republican economics was born, built on the philosophy of the The Father of Economics, Adam Smith, published circa 1776. It is simplistic and mostly wrong. But it justifies the notion the rich man wishes to promote — that taxes depress productivity. Our growing middle class gave up unifying social safety nets for tax cuts. But we also bought the divisive dogma of competition — where wealth implies worth and the poor are blamed for their poverty.

With our infrastructure crumbling and U.S. economic dominance slipping away, we are the least taxed overall but most taxed for war. Have you voted against the many for the benefit of a few? Have you voted against yourself and your people? Republicanism created international billionaires while increasing poverty in the richest nation in the world.

Tracy Rupp


My dog and I

I read recently where humans will be able to talk to or converse with their dogs within a decade.

Guess I’m fortunate in acquiring that ability sooner than most.

My dog and I have been conversing for most of his seven years on this earth. In fact my Dog also reads the local paper and will, on occasion, ask me questions about matters that he does not fully comprehend. Recently he read about two of our county commissioners using the budgetary process to attempt to acquire an administrator/manager to run the departments and affairs of our local county government. He asked me if I thought it would be OK for him to apply for the job since it would be a non-elected position. And he had considered running for public office before but understood the problems that he would run into with the “Cat People.”

I fully agreed with the problems he would face. He asked how two of our commissioners could decide to hire an administrator/manager when the voters of Curry County have repeatedly voted against this form of government. I assured him I had no idea other than that those two commissioners were unfamiliar with the Constitution and the Declaration of Independence.

He replied that he thought they were members of the tea party. I replied, “ Membership in a party does not guarantee knowledge.”

He asked, “Why?”

I replied that not many people today take the time to read about our founders and their thoughts and reasoning. He asked if they understood that the government derives their just powers from the consent of the governed.

At this point I left the room. When I returned, he asked me about the past practice of tar and feathering of public servants who refused to abide by the wishes of the governed.

I stated the practice had long been discontinued probably because of complaints about the oil being too hot or of the feathers causing skin rashes.

He thought that was, in his words, “Too much” And he stated that he might start a new political party named the T and F Party.

Richard Laskey


Dennis Richardson

Just prior to the completion of the 2017 legislative session, political emotions of course ran a bit high.

There was a variety of discontent, harsh and invalid criticism directed at Dennis Richardson. It was very sad for me to hear and read. He is the only moderate statewide official we’ve had elected for many years. He works in an environment where he is greatly outnumbered by those with strong liberal political and philosophical views.

A few years back, in my work as a legislative assistant, no one in the Salem capitol had a better reputation than then State Representative Richardson.

This is a man who flew numerous dangerous helicopter rescue flights during his tours of duty in the Vietnam War. While he brushes it off as insignificant, Mr. Richardson received numerous medals recognizing his courage and commitment to save his fellow soldiers.

The way to control a moral man is to demoralize him. With Richardson, it won’t work; knowing his strong character along with his life history in facing many times of adversity, he’ll remain undaunted.

When you have a chance, please let the secretary of state and all veterans know how much you appreciate their sacrifice!

Thank You.

Court Boice

Curry County commissioner