Trump the puppet

The conservative Cold Warriors of bygone generations would never have believed the sight of an American president kowtowing to the world’s most powerful communist.

Last week, the Tweeter-in-Chief lectured our allies on American values in language taken directly from Putin’s speeches, and without ever once mentioning democracy.

Then he met with Putin (fawning that it was “an honor”) and gave the enemy everything he wanted with his “move forward” comments — not just absolving him of cyber-sabotaging our election, not just ignoring Russia’s invasions of its neighbors, but actually signing on to Putin’s lies about America’s support for democracy.

Of course, the old KGB chief knew all along Trump would be weak — that’s why Russia’s cyber-warfare machine worked so hard to get him elected.

When he took office, Putin tested him — Russian warplanes buzzing the USS Porter, a spy ship surveying our primary submarine base, new cruise missile deployments. Trump’s pathetic response was to reemphasize “making a deal” with Putin and continue pushing to rescind the sanctions.

Trump’s appeasement peaked when — at Putin’s request — he invited Putin’s two grinning henchmen and a Russian video crew into the Oval Office, where he eagerly handed over “codeword” Israeli intelligence (classified four levels higher than Hillary’s emails) and burned our best friends.

So Trump’s submission to Putin in Hamburg was no surprise. He has willingly vacated the traditional American president’s role as leader of the free world to play puppet to our most malevolent enemy.

So much for “Make America Great Again.”

Mike Gaynes


Dish scam

In coordinating with the DISH TV fraud department on July 8, it was verified that this scam has been in effect against elders on fixed incomes for a while.

The person calling says that in two to four hours, because of a new satellite, unless your TV box is newer, you will lose reception unless you pay $150.

Then, within five to seven minutes your box will be validated for reception.

They validate who you are by your answers that can be used by them to call DISH and cancel your reception if you balk.

If you have balked at paying the $150, after cancelling your reception, they call back and have gotten as much as $700 to $800 on the call back saying this money will be refunded after six months with a credit to your account.

With our high percentage of retirees on fixed incomes, this is a perfect environment to prospect this scam.

Bill Farrell

Curry County

Anchovy Holocaust

The recent anchovy holocaust may have been averted.

I believe a flaw in the design of your harbor is to blame. The long jetty dividing the boat basin from the Chetco River acts as a giant baffle for fish intending to move upstream. They expect highly-oxygenated brackish water, but instead are trapped in a stagnant dead-end.

The remedy is fairly simple: A moderate pipeline connecting fresh river water to the far-east end of the basin.

Alexander Passmoore

Yucca, Arizona

Successful sale

On behalf of Brookings Emblem Club 265, I would like to thank Grocery Outlet for another successful Hot Dog and Bake Sale held this past July 1.

Each year I have been a member of Brookings Emblem Club, Grocery Outlet has helped us host a Hot Dog and Soda sale, and our members bring in baked goods we sell, that contribute to the annual donations we make to local charities.

They do it every year, without expectation of profit or praise. They do it for their community. Besides great prices in their store, Grocery Outlet has great people in their store!

Thank you for all you do to help our community.

Sheila Thuren

2017-18 president

Brookings Emblem Club 265