Road fund loans

A recent Pilot article stated that it appears three counties in Oregon will have the ability to loan special districts money from their road funds.

There has been a number of articles about this before, but what I haven’t seen in any article is just how a district qualifies, shows proof of its ability to repay and the consequences if, by some chance, a default occurs.

Does a special district submit a written loan request?

Do the commissioners decide if the request is approved?

Who does the financial analysis to see if the district has the ability to repay?

Interest rates are low now, but over a long period of time, they could rise dramatically. Can the district still make the payments at that point? Are assets pledged as collateral or is it merely a “promise to pay” agreement?

I would appreciate knowing a few more details with the program in a future article. Does the county have to repay advances it takes from the road fund?

Craig S. Friar


God Save the USA

Here’s another round of no-win health care negotiations.

ObamaCare has not covered many Americans, and the Republicans are planning to do the same.

Members of Congress, their families and the congressional staff have the best health insurance coverage in the world. Let’s not forget that the Congress, Democrats and Republicans alike, denied Medicare the right to negotiate lower drug prices with Big Pharma.

The United States is the only industrialized nation in the world without universal health insurance. Perhaps Senator McConnell could look at those nation’s programs.

Then there’s individual in Gold Beach whose philosophy is eat stale bread and die.

Our leaders have been in Europe talking about who knows what? Are they ready to turn over our nuclear launch codes to the Russians?

God save the United States of America.

Joe Willett


Emergency efforts

I am writing to let you know of an omission in your article about the Triton Pathfinder 32 exercise on Saturday, June 24, requested by the city of Brookings.

The Pelican Bay Amateur Radio Club (PBARC), as well as the Port Orford Radio Club (PORC), participated in the exercise with the Coos County Club. We have a small but active Amateur Radio Emergency Service (ARES) group associated with Don Kendall, Curry County’s emergency manager.

Our mission was to establish communications with Cape Blanco Airport via High Frequency (HF) radio. Utilizing a digital protocol (PACTOR) on HF radio, to pass messages from several locations here in Brookings to our Emergency Operations Center (EOC).

Our first order of business was to establish local communication between the casualty collection points (CCP), St. Timothy’s Church and the landing zone (LZ) in Azalea Park to the EOC in Brookings.

We accomplished our first goal with good voice and digital communications to the EOC. We then turned our attention to the HF digital link to Cape Blanco (CB). After several tries to establish a link to CB it was determined that a problem existed. We then tried our Plan “B” to establish a link from Ferry Creek Station to Gold Beach then on to Port Orford. Port Orford responded and hand-carried the messages up to CB airport. Then helicopters were dispatched to the Azalea Park LZ. As the day progressed, we did establish communication from the EOC to the CB airport directly. Many parts and many volunteers trained to help our neighbors here in Brookings and other coastal cities.

We are all volunteers and we spent more than 200 hours to build and test antennas, radios as well as establish protocols. So, when an emergency occurs, we can establish essential communications with surrounding counties as well as Salem’s State EOC. It would be imperative to accomplish this as soon as possible.

Paul Carlin


I’m angry

I can’t believe the letters from Lon Goddard and S.J. Hyatt. (Pilot, July 1) concerning the story by Jane Stebbins on handgun ownership, and to be so nasty about other stories she has written; stories I find quite amusing.

Number one, try being a woman living alone and being assaulted twice in your own home and see how you would feel about gun ownership.

I found her story on gun ownership enlightening and also amusing, and she has every right to print it.

And, as far as crime in this area, no, things are not bad, but I have lived here for 60 years, and my uncle Clarence “Bud” Cross, was chief of police here for 25 years, and I can tell you things are much worse than they were when my uncle Bud was chief.

Do you not read the police logs? At one point, they didn’t even take up one-half page of the paper, and now it’s not unusual for them to take up almost two full pages.

All I can say is get off your high horse and give Jane Stebbins a break.

One more thing I would like to mention: I like to go down to the far west end of West Benham Lane to read the things people write and draw on the wall there. I have always been happy to read the uplifting and funny things people write and draw there, but, recently when I went to read it, I was disappointed to see a couple of vulgar drawings and writings on the wall.

Come on chalk artists, get it back together and do away with the vulgarity.

C. Cross


Check the facts

Regarding Mr. Dalrymple’s letters, it is hard for me to fathom someone writing the things that you do.

You must get all of your alternative facts from Fox And Friends or Twitter, and you have obviously studied Trump’s approach to putting information out for people who do not know any better: just say it and hope they believe.

CNN’s journalists were not made to resign because of an untruthful story. Check the facts!

Many investigations are ongoing and nowhere near completion, no one has determined whether or not Trump or his staff colluded with Russia, or whether he has obstructed justice, or anything else. Check the facts!

The Supreme Court “stood behind” only a portion of Trump’s travel ban, and only until their long summer holiday ends, when they will actually hear the case. Check the facts!

Mr. Schelter, this man and his peers are not pleased that you were given medical care or that your life was saved; in their minds you were not “entitled” to it. They, like the sad excuse who is our current president, care only about their pocketbooks. Because they have money enough for what they need, they are not interested in shelling out funds for others.

Pride goeth before a fall and we are all constantly walking the line between wealth and poverty. Perhaps one day they will come to look at things more compassionately.

Nothing is turning around, Trump is out-shaming us and alienating people, world leaders and allies. Jobs are coming in and jobs are going out, meanwhile Ivanka is having her shoes made in sweatshops in other countries. The beat goes on; the beat goes on.

Barbara Caswell

Gold Beach