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There’s a show on television called “The Purge.” Don’t watch it. (Now you will.)

A few weeks ago, our entire team at The Pilot had the opportunity to volunteer one evening at the annual Festival of Lights event. This was my first experience with this dazzling event - and I was in for a huge treat.

SWOCC Curry campus’ Dr. Doug Bunn misspoke, by saying the college district is under attack, during the Chetco Library Special District follow-up meeting on Monday. 

The teachers of Del Norte have been struggling to get a fair contract for nine months. As of right now, the school board and the teachers are still in gridlock over negotiations.

I found it interesting that the unpleasant letter in the Dec. 10 issue of The Pilot expressing resentment over the term “holiday tree” called out one particular non-Christian religion, amongst all others, for perhaps pushing that particular term.

The population explosion of voracious purple sea urchins along the Oregon and California coasts (The Pilot, Nov. 19) threatens our lucrative abalone and rockfish fisheries and their kelp forest habitats.

Hospice began serving Curry County in 1995. Over the years, Coastal Home Health & Hospice has been an incredible resource in our community that provides comfort, dignity and respect to those coping with a terminal illness, as well as support for their families.

This is the fourth year I have had the pleasure of writing this letter in support of the Brookings-Harbor Education Foundation. Once again, they are funding awards for first-, second-, and third-place winners in our Oregon Battle of the Books competition. 

Due to building damage which happen last month, there will not be any services on Veterans Day. There will be no off site service sponsored by VFW Post #996.

I want to thank Julie Schmelzer and our three commissioners for their support in establishing the Suicide Awareness and Prevention Council, to see what is possible to reduce the number of suicides and attempts in Curry County.

When I heard that a 16-year-old Scandinavian girl was crossing the ocean in a sailboat to speak at the United Nations Climate Summit, my first thought was, “Who is this girl?” My second thought: “It must be Greta Thunberg!”

You buckle up when you get in your vehicle. Make sure your pet is just as safe.

The Daughters of the American Revolution has partnered with the United States Department of Defense to thank and honor veterans of the Vietnam War for their service and sacrifice on behalf of the United States.

When we purchased the Del Norte Triplicate and the Curry Coastal Pilot on July 1, I hit the decks running. Making decisions like crazy, many of which had been long delayed.

Many people are “gearing up” for Halloween, finding costumes and masks to use for the big day, Oct. 31. Those masks and outfits will be taken off at the end of the day, but how often do we think of the many masks and costumes we may wear on a regular basis? Some examples may be personalities…

Oregon’s commercial crabbing industry prides itself on sustainability. Though Dungeness crab has been harvested commercially since the late 1800s, this population is considered to be stable to increasing along the West Coast—thanks to commercial and recreational regulations that protect the …

The extent of the homeless issue in Brookings is appalling. I just moved back from Tacoma, Washington, where there is a homeless issue of the same magnitude. Tacoma is significantly larger, yet I can draw many parallels between the two communities. That is sad.

Time magazine devoted their entire September 23, 2019 double issue to climate change, only the fifth time in their publishing history to devote an entire issue to a single topic. Interestingly, 30 years ago, they also broke with tradition and named “Endangered Earth” as the Planet of the Yea…

In the Fall of 2006 Harve Timeus, a recent retiree observed that the the roads and streams of the Siskiyou National Forest were littered with trash dump sites and abandoned vehicles.

I love driving by various churches on Sunday and seeing full parking lots. It seems that in recent years many people have moved away from attending, or being members of, church – no matter the denomination. There’s talk of “spirituality” vs. “religiosity.” The two definitely don’t have to be…

Low interest rates and quantitative easing should extend the stock market bubble and keep the debt-ridden U.S. consumer afloat until after the election. If President Trump obtains an interim trade deal with China until after the election, this should seal his re-election chances in 2020.

Dear Editor: A year ago, I wrote a letter to the editor predicting the nervous breakdown Trump is currently having. If you’ve heard him babble lately, you know I was right. Sad.

Dear Editor: Regarding the recent article in The Pilot about hikers who have intentionally left the park trails.  I suggest the following signage be installed at all parks that have some element of danger to them:

Dear Editor: I was impressed with Christopher Paasch’s guest column in the Sept. 25 edition of The Pilot. The idea of redistributing special-district funds makes a lot of sense.

Dear Editor: At last week’s regularly scheduled City Council meeting, Port Orford voted to approve Resolution 2020-05 supporting Curry County’s declaration of a countywide housing emergency.  

Dear Editor: First, the county commissioners have been looting money from the county’s Road Fund for use on non-road purposes, with no plan to ever repay it. Now, they’re attempting to raid the other Curry County taxing districts. 

Dear Editor: A “short-term $1.2-million line of credit,” according to a story in The Pilot’s Oct. 2 issue, is another creative attempt to open the long-awaited South County Emergency Center, with its reported “projected annual operating cost of $4,929,000.”

Having played piano for over 60 years, I often wake up with a song going through my head. I really paid attention, though, when it was the wonderful song by Jill Jackson-Miller, “Let there be peace on earth, and let it begin with me.”