Jane Ann Cuvreau

Jane Ann Cuvreau

Jane Ann Cuvreau was born on July 9, 1938 and passed away on April 21, 2019 at Shasta Regional Hospital in Redding, California.

Jane was born in Henryetta, Oklahoma to Robert Fox and Arlene Emily Fox.  She was the first born of seven children, 6 girls and 1 brother. Sisters- Mary Ellen, Sharon, Kathy, Frances, Cindy and brother Robert Lee.

Jane left home at 18, and went to work in Seattle, Washington as an executive secretary.  On her lunch breaks and after work she would shop, which she loved to do for the finer things in life, crystal, clothing, jewelry, wine and most of all high heels which she wore everyday to work.

She also had a beautiful brooch collection she bought and received from friends, wearing a different brooch everyday, even at home.  She always looked nice.

She loved to cook and bake.  Jane was very proud that she brought a home on her own in Seattle where she worked.  Married twice, moved to Brookings in the 90’s when she married Lorin Cuvreau. They they moved to Newport and then back to Brookings in 2007 buying a home in Harbor.

Jane worked at Oceanview Storage for several years, then volunteered at the Catholic store.  Jane was very proud of her Catholic French Canadian Heritage.

After moving back to Brookings, she would lament about how often it rained on her birthday in July. Well Janie ...it rained on your birthday again this year!  We thought of you all the more...we love and miss you Jane.  

Rest in peace dear friend and God Bless and keep you and Sara your doggie.

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