Acting award winners


Best Actor: Jason Liddell, Tom Wingfield, “The Glass Menagerie.

Best Actress: Victoria Weller, Amanda Wingfield, “The Glass Menagerie.”

Best Supporting Actor: José Gutierrez, Jim O’Connor, “The Glass Menagerie.”

Best Supporting Actress: Ellen Stadelman, Ellen Wingfield, “The Glass Menagerie.”

Best Character Actor: John Smith, Albert Sawyer, “Miracle on 34th Street”

Best Character Actress: Summer Olmos, Donna Lucia D’Alvadorez, “Charlie’s Aunt.”

Best Bit Actor: Phillip Dolan, Judge Harper, “Miracle on 34th Street.”

Best Bit Actress: Janet Mara, “Miracle on 34th Street.”


Note — “Chicago” was the only musical.

Best Actor (uncontested): Josiah Forbis, Billy Flynn.

Best Actress: Michaela George, Roxie Hart.

Best Supporting Actor (uncontested): Tim Smith, Amos Hart.

Best Supporting Actress (uncontested): Kiana Hendrix, Matron “Mama” Morton.

Best Character Actor: Sean Paul Farris, Fred Casely.

Best Character Actress (uncontested): Ellen Stadelman, Mary Sunshine.

Best Bit Actor: John Smith, D.A. Martin Harrison.

Best Bit Actress (uncontested): Liska Scruggs, Go-to-Hell Kitty.

Chetco Pelican Players Director Jason Liddell and Costumer Bj Farris called “Chicago” one of the hardest plays to produce, but it was worth it when it came to awards.

The musical received more Packy awards, a Chetco Pelican Players’ thespian prize, than any show during the 2017 season.

During the gala event Saturday at the Chetco Playhouse, the show received 11 awards, including Best Overall Production, Best Director and Best Costumes.

Most years, musical productions get one nomination for each award. Chicago had six awards that were competitive. Coming in second in the number of awards was “The Glass Menagerie,” which received four trophies, making it the best comedy/drama produced last year.

“Miracle on 34th Street” earned three awards; “Charlie’s Aunt” received one. Also produced during the year was “The Vinland Saga,” which received no honors, and “The Princess Parade,” the children’s summer production that does not compete.

Packy awards have been presented since almost the beginning of the Chetco Pelican Players, which will celebrate 30 years of entertaining audiences later this year.

Awards are presented for best bit role, character role supporting actor and actor for both male and female. Musicals and comedy/drama do not compete with each other except for the technical awards.

It also turned out there was no competition for the best set design. Sets for all plays were the creation of Mike Moran, Susan Brickley and Ralph Dickey. The trio entertained with a skit demonstrating their desire to not be awarded for their work.

Special awards

Receiving the Moran Family Award, presented to a family involved in theater, were the Sandefur and Gutierrez families. The two families are related and have been involved in many plays over the past few years.

The Steve Stevens Award, given to a person who has helped above-and-beyond, was presented to pianist Christy Dolan. She was responsible for arranging and performing the music for “Chicago.”

A fun night

In addition to the 20 awards presented, video clips of five shows from the season and the theater group’s fundraising “Pirates of the Pacific Festival” and haunted house were presented.

The haunted house garnered $6,000 and the pirate festival earned $3,000 for the theater group, according to the board.

New this year were live scenes of shows scheduled for the 2018 season.

Kicking off the year is “Deathtrap,” scheduled to open Feb. 9, followed by “Athenry,” the musical “Once Upon and Mattress,” the children’s production “Thumbelina,” “Sweeney Todd” and “A Christmas Cactus.”

Season tickets and theater memberships were announced during the gala, and may be purchased by sending a check to the Chetco Pelican Players, PO Box 2712, Brookings, OR 97415. For prices, visit and click on “get tickets” under “our shows.”

And the gala had plenty of food prepared by Claire Willard, a member of the theater board.