Sales Slowed

Sales are slowed for tiny houses, such as this one, in Brookkings.

A certain type of tiny RV-park home that’s increasingly dotting the landscape in recreational vehicle parks, including in Curry County, is stuck in limbo for both buyers and sellers.

Homeowners can’t sell their homes, and would-be buyers are unable to move in to ones they’ve purchased.

“The sales of park-model homes came to an eye-opening halt in June,” ReMax broker Bret Curtis of Brookings said.

The transfer of those homes used to fall under the Oregon State Building Codes Division. Then, a bill passed by the Oregon Legislature, HB 2333, transferred responsibility to the Department of Motor Vehicles. But that doesn’t take effect until Jan. 1, 2020. That’s where the glitch occurs.

According to an Aug. 28 article in The Oregonian, the Building Codes Division decided last year that these types of tiny homes aren’t RVs or manufactured homes intended for long-term living, and stopped accepting title transfer documents.

According to escrow officer Trish Davis at Curry County Title in Brookings, four escrows for the tiny-home transactions now are on hold or have been terminated.

And there’s really no clue as how many potential sales have not proceeded into escrow because of it, she said.

“It may have stopped dozens of these transactions,” said Curtis. “Right now, there’s no agency to transfer park-model homes,” said Davis. “It’s a huge problem.”

The issue affects only homes on wheels that aren’t tied to a piece of real estate and are located in a park setting, Davis said.

At this point, buyers and sellers will have to wait until the new law takes effect authorizing the transfer of titles through the DMV.

The Pilot will continue to follow this developing story.


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