Tracy Wood

Chief Tracy Wood enjoys his job.

Gold Beach Police Chief Tracy Wood celebrated his two-year anniversary on the job Dec. 23. But he’s certainly not a newcomer to the department or to Gold Beach.

Wood has been with the Gold Beach Police Department for a little over eight years, and was with the Curry County Sheriff’s Office for eight-plus years before that.

Born in Agness, Wood was raised in Bandon.

When not on duty, he’s enjoying outdoor sports. “I’m an avid outdoorsman.” Wood says. “I like to hunt, fish and go camping.”

The Gold Beach department is small, with six sworn staff including Wood, and an administrative assistant. “We do not have 24-hour (police) coverage at this time,” he said. “It’s just not safe with this small of a staff.”

Wood said he’s most proud of being a working chief. “I’m not afraid to get out there and work side-by-side with my officers. I try very hard to be approachable to my staff.”

His biggest task as chief, he said, has been “to rebuild and maintain good relations with the other agencies in the area.” A recent example of that teamwork was a stolen-car chase that originated in Gold Beach on Dec. 14.

With the participation of Wood’s department, the Curry County Sheriff’s Office, the Brookings Police Department and Oregon State Police officers, three suspects who had stolen two vehicles eventually were apprehended.

Added Woods, “At this time and into the future, I am working on getting my department more involved in the multiagency drug task force.” He has assigned one officer to work with the South Coast Interagency Narcotics Team.

When Wood worked at the jail for the sheriff’s department, “Not one of the inmates said they wanted to be doing meth,” he said. Yet meth accounts for a high percentage of the crimes in Curry County, according to District Attorney Everett Dial.

Wood hopes to “make it more difficult to move drugs through our cities and county” by partnering with the narcotics team.


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