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Some Curry County fees went up, others went down following passage of a resolution by the county commissioners during a public hearing Dec. 18.

Commissioner Court Boice was the dissenting vote.

The County Planning Department saw the most changes. Planning Director Becky Crockett said no fee changes had made by the department in 2019, during which staff members spent time evaluating the fees in other counties.

“Increases were based on the number of hours to do basic tasks,” she said.

Fees that increased included planning, land-use compatibility, erosion and sediment control permits, conditional-use applications and modifications, variances, property line adjustments, storm and surface water management plans, archeological and historical site alterations, wetland and riparian area alterations, master plan development, and destination resorts.

The fee for lot-line adjustments came about because of the sheer number of requests in 2019 due to the real estate market, Crockett said. The department handled just five or six requests in all of 2018, and this year the number averaged that many each month.

The biggest increase in fees were for archeological and historical site alterations, rising from $1,449 to $6,000; master plan development, up from $6,177 to $15,000; and destination resorts, up from $5,177 to $12,000.

Two new fees were added, for nonconforming use determination ($500) and determination of substantial development/vested right ($500).

The primary reductions in fees were for living in an RV during construction of a home, and hardship mobile home or RV - both dropping from $1,449 to $500.

Fees for subdivisions and planned-unit development also were lowered, “to facilitate working with developers” to get new housing going.

The surveyor’s office has implemented new fees for plat revision ($1,000) and development charges of $327 for every new lot created, but otherwise fees remained unchanged or were nominal.

No one from the public attended the hearing to object to the proposed fee changes. Commissioner Boice wanted more time to consider the changes, but the motion was carried by Commissioners Christopher Paasch and Sue Gold.


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