Alarm, 12:34 a.m.: Kalmiopsis School.

Intoxicated subjects, 1:08 a.m.: Near Redwood Theater.

Mental health issue, 3:27 a.m.: Iris Street.

Dispute, 3:52 a..: Oceanview Drive.

Shot(s) fired, 7:31 a.m.: Near Spindrift Motel.

Fire, 7:40 a.m.: Pacific Ocean.

Suicidal person, 9:08 a.m.: Vancouver WA.

Criminal mischief, 10:25 a.m.: Oceanview Drive.

Fire, 10:39 a.m.: 600 block of Fifth Street.

Suspicious conditions, 10:47 a.m.: 500 block of Redwood Street.

Warrant service, 12:06 p.m.: 800 block of Chetco Avenue.

Dispute, 12:38 p.m.: Mill Beach and Fifield.

Theft, 2:19 p.m.: 800 block of Marina Heights.

Fraud, 3:59 p.m.: 17000 area of Aqua Vista Lane.

Fraud, 4:27 p.m.: Old County Road.

Suspicious conditions, 5:23 p.m.: Whaleshead Beach Access.

Crash without injury, 5:30 p.m.: Carpenterville and Rainbow Rock.

Suspicious conditions, 7:36 p.m.: Wildwood Gifts.

Check area, 8:31 p.m.: Chetco Avenue near Wildwood Gifts.

Dispute, 8:48 p.m.: Salmonberry Road.

Warrant service, 10:34 Railroad and Oak streets.

Check area, 11:21 p.m.: 600 block of Chetco Avenue.


Check welfare, 10:40 a.m.: Whaleshead Road.

Civil problem, 11:48 a.m.: 17300 area of Blueberry Drive.

CIvil problem, 12:13 p.m.: 17300 Blueberry Drive.

Fire, 1:16 p.m.: CFF 5203.

Animal complaint, 5:05 p.m.: 96200 area of Cape Ferrelo Drive.

Unlawful entry of a vehicle, 6:01 p.m.: Thunder Rock Cove.

Fire, 6:07 p.m.: Pacific Wood Laminates.

Transients, 7:18 p.m.: Brookings Inn.

Custodial interference, 8:17 p.m.: 400 block of Fir Street.

Custodial interference, 8:34 p.m.: Blueberry Drive.

Suspicious conditions, 9:49 p.m.: 400 area of Arnold Lane.


Dispute, 12:49 a.m.: Near 300 Marine Drive.

Driving under the influence, 1:43 a.m.: Hemlock and Oak.

Warrant service, 12:03 p.m.: 600 block of Old County Road.

Harassment, 12:21 p.m.: Chetco Brewery.

Shot(s) fired, 1:52 p.m.: Whaleshead trail.

Theft, 2:44 p.m.: Fred Meyer.

Burglary, 3:27 p.m.:Demoss Road.

Unauthorized use of a vehicle, 5:22 p.m.: Chetco Inn.

Dispute, 6:22 p.m.: Moore Street.

Theft, 6:32 p.m.: Near Beach Front Inn.


Mental health issues, 12:46 a.m.: Iris Street.

Mental health issues, 3:47 a.m.: Iris Street.

Crash without injury, 8:30 a.m.: City of Brookings lot.

Warrant service, 10:24 a.m.: Azalea Park.

Theft of services, 10:32 a.m.: Pacific View Gardens.

Panhandling, 11:26 a.m.: Goodwill.

Assault, 12:08 p.m.: Brookings-harbor High School. Juvenile arrested for Assault and transported to Del Norte.

Criminal mischief, 12:32 p.m.: Conoco.

Suspicious conditions, 1:34 p.m.: Fern and Bankus Field.

Harassment, 1:39 p.m.: Kalmiopsis School. Juvenile male prohibited from returning to school until further notice.

Check welfare, 3:11 p.m.: 1200 area of Moore Street.

Theft, 4:39 p.m.: 600 block of Chetco Avenue.

Suspicious conditions, 5:38 p.m.: Pacific and Hwy 101.

Criminal mischief, 6:56 p.m.: Whaleshead.

Driving under the influence, 7:11 p.m.: Hwy 101 and Breakaway Road. Reckless driver arrested for DUII after nearly crashing head-on into three different vehicles.

Animal complaint, 9:34 p.m.: Pioneer Road.

Suspicious conditions, 10:15 p.m.: SB Chetco River Road.

Dispute, 11:21 p.m.: Burger King Drive Thru. Physical dispute in drive thru at Burger King resulted in one male being arrested for Disorderly Conduct and Driving While Suspended-Misdemeanor. He was transported to jail without incident.


Attempt to locate, 8:09 a.m.: Brookings Inn.

Animal complaint, 8:21 a.m.: Fifth Street.

Crash without injury, 8:58 a.m.: Carpenterville and Chetco.

Illegal camping, 10:21 a.m.: 800 block of Railroad Street.

Suspicious conditions, 11:54 a.m.: Peavine Ridge.

Civil problem, 12:00 p.m.: 16900 are of Parkview Drive.

Fraud, 12:20 p.m.: 1100 block of Fifield Street. Stolen mail resulting in check-cashing fraud; suspect known. Investigation ongoing.

Suspicious conditions, 12:41 p.m.: Chetco Avenue near McDonalds.

Check area, 12:47 p.m.: Azalea Park.

Check area, 2:00 p.m.: Botanical Gardens.

Theft, 3:07 p.m.: Blue Coast Inn. Officer investigating report of theft of property from a tenant.

Suspicious conditions, 4:21 p.m.: Marine Drive.

Abandoned vehicle, 4:52 p.m.: Memory Lane and Lilac Street.

Driving under the influence, 5:57 p.m.: Mill lot on Carpenterville Road. Adult male arrested for DUII following a driving complaint. Driver had an open alcoholic beverage container in the vehicle and admitted to drinking and taking prescription narcotics. He was released to a sober adult after processing DUII.

Hazard, 6:33 p.m.: Harbor Chevron.

Criminal trespass, 7:07 p.m.: 1100 block of Fifield Street.

Animal complaint, 7:45 p.m.: Pioneer area.

Check area, 9:13 p.m.: 1100 area of Fifield Street.

Animal complaint, 10:07 p.m.: Harbor near Benham Lane.

Check area, 11:52 p.m.: Fifield Street.


Driving complaint, 8:37 a.m.: Hwy 101.

Dispute, 8:53 p.m.: 14000 area of Hwy 101.

Check area, 9:39 p.m.: Brookings-Harbor High School (BHHS).

Driving under the influence, 11:16 a.m.: Chetco and Willow. Adult male was arrested for DUII after arriving at Les Schwab to pick up his vehicle and driving away. He was found to be nearly three times the legal limit. He was released to a sober adult after processing.

Fraud, 12:15 p.m.: Brookings area.

Fraud, 1:39 p.m.: Seascape Court.

Phone scam, 1:49 p.m.: Hassett Street.

Driving complaint, 2:51 p.m.: Chetco Avenue.

Animal complaint, 2:51 p.m.: First Street. Maintenance worker was bit by a dog; officer investigating.

Mental health issues, 4:55 p.m.: Brookings area.

Check welfare, 5:16 p.m.: Azalea Gardens.

Illegal camping, 5:38 p.m.: Azalea Park.

Hazard, 7:06 p.m.: Wharf and Railroad.

Missing person, 7:17 p.m.: 17000 block of Labonte.

Check area, 7:30 p.m.: Fifield Street.

Criminal mischief, 8:03 p.m.: 600 block of Old County Road. Male transient was CITED for Criminal Mischief III after attempting to cut down a tree in Azalea Park with a bow saw.

Illegal camping, 8:41 p.m.: Goodwill.


Check area, 12:04 a.m.: Vista Pub.

Mental health issues, 12:34 a..: Iris Street.

Driving under the influence, 12:44 a.m.: Westward Inn. Male adult arrested for DUII following a routine traffic stop. He was released after processing and given a courtesy transport to his motel.

Animal complaint, 4:41 a.m.: Botanical Gardens.

Suspicious conditions, 5:23 a.m.: Railroad Street.

Criminal trespass, 6:26 a.m.: Railroad Market.

Acheck area, 7:01 a.m.: Ridge Way.

Disabled vehicle, 8:47 a.m.: Chetco Avenue at NB Chetco River Road.

Hazard, 9:36 a.m.: Chetco Avenue and Fifth Street.

Criminal trespass, 9:39 a.m.: 1100 area of Rowland Lane. Adult male and adult female formally trespassed from a shed on private property in which they were camped without permission.

Check area, 9:44 a.m.: Azalea Park.

Hazard, 10:26 a.m.: Chetco and Center.

Animal complaint, 10:56 a.m.: Railroad Street.

Hazard, 11:28 a.m.: Brookings Econowash.

Civil problem, 12:03 p.m.: Easy Manor Drive.

Suspicious conditions, 12:10 p.m.: Donalds Road.

Check area, 1:08 p.m.: Chetco Point.

CIvil problem, 1:29 p.m.: Fifth Street.

Suspicious conditions, 1:49 p.m.: McDonalds.

Suicidal person, 2:47 p.m.: Brookings.

Unauthorized use of a vehicle, 5:33 p.m.: Old County Road.

Driving complaint, 6:00 p.m.: Chetco and Parkview.

Shot(s) fired, 6:32 p.m.: Rowdy Creek Road.

Fire, 7:13 p.m.: Beach at Otter Terrace.



Disturbance, 6:09 p.m: TJ’s parking lot.


Theft, 12:31 p.m.: Port Orford Loop and Zumwalt.


Suspicious behavior, 1:24 a.m.: Ray’s

Animal complaint, 6:56 a.m: Port of Port Orford-Dock

Suspicious conditions, 5:08 p.m.: 11th and Idaho.

Suspicious conditions, 9:36 p.m.: Silver Butte and HWY 101. Area check, 9:53 p.m: 1000 block of Washington.


Theft, 2:30 a.m: Circle K.


Criminal trespassing, 9:10 a.m.: 25th and Deady.

Accident, 12:46 p.m: Port Orford Chevron. Theft, 8:32 p.m.: Port Orford Police Station.


Theft, 10:38 a.m.: 500 block of Eighth

Disorderly conduct, 10:51 a.m.: Port Orford Visitor’s Center.


Alarm, 12:10 p.m.: