The following information is taken from the daily logs ( of local law enforcement agencies. Charges listed are preliminary and are made at the discretion of the arresting officer or agency. Charges may be amended or dropped at the discretion of the district attorney or courts.

Friday, Sept. 21

Jeffrey Down Houman, no birthdate listed, of Port Orford; for driving under the influence of intoxicants; booked and released.

Saturday, Sept. 22

David Michael Bundy, 64, of Gold Beach; for violation of a restraining order; no bail.

Monday, Sept. 24

Bryce William Terebesi, 21, of Brookings; sanction for parole violation; no bail.

Andrew Joseph Martin, 37, of Coos Bay; for third-degree theft, second-degree criminal trespassing and possession of methamphetamine; bail set at $15,000.

Dawn Renee Bader, 51, of Brookings; for violation of a release agreement and first-degree criminal trespassing; bail set at $10,000.

Heather Michelle Iverson, 30, of Gold Beach; for parole violation; no bail.

Leon Samuel Gorski, 38, of Winchester Bay; for an outside agency hold; forced released.

Jayden William Kidd, 19, of Brookings; for hit and run; forced released.

Timothy Arthur Strom, 24, of Brookings; for a wildlife offense; booked and released.