The following information is taken from the daily logs ( of local law enforcement agencies. Charges listed are preliminary and are made at the discretion of the arresting officer or agency. Charges may be amended or dropped at the discretion of the district attorney or courts.

Monday, Jan. 15

Cathy Della Viscetto, 55, of Brookings; for harassment; conditionally released.

Tuesday, Jan. 16

Dawn Marie Oviat, 48, of Gold Beach; for violating a restraining order; bail set at $7,500.

Dustin Evan Hernandez, 30, of Fort Dick; post-prison supervision sanction; no bail.

Wednesday, Jan. 17

Antoine Roberson, 32, of Brookings; for parole violation; no bail.

Steven Gregory Moorman, 56, of Brookings; for resisting arrest, harassment, third-degree theft and second-degree criminal trespassing; bail set at $125,000.

Leigha Hope Labrasca-Garcia, 29, of Crescent City; for second-degree theft; booked and released.

Daylend James Wagner, 24, of Port Orford; for attempting to elude and reckless driving; booked and released.

Friday, Jan. 19

Howell Wesley Smith, 57, of Brookings; for first-degree theft; forced released.

Saturday, Jan. 20

Wendy Christine Childs, 45, of Spokane, Washington; for failure to appear; forced released due to overcrowding.

Sunday, Jan. 21

Joshua Dean Harper, 28, of Brookings; for driving with a suspended license and probation violation; no bail.

Benjamin Joshua Anderson, 39, of Port Orford; for fourth-degree domestic assault; bail set at $25,000.

Thomas Joel Parra, 47, of Henderson, Nevada; for fourth-degree domestic assault; bail set at $25,000.

Robert Paul McWilliams, 46, of Harbor; for failure to appear; forced released due to overcrowding.

Robert Benjamin Serna; 42, of Brookings; for driving under the influence of intoxicants; forced released.

Monday, Jan. 22

Dominic Russel Haseltine, 32, of Brookings; for second-degree theft and third-degree theft; forced released.