We celebrate the life and mourn the passing of Leslie Anne Pearson Rovainen. Leslie passed peacefully in her sleep this spring, and her memory will be held by her many friends, relatives, including her brother Bruce Pearson, and her three sons, Toivo, Ahti, and Torsti Rovainen.

She was born to Harold Pearson and Therina Guerard Pearson on Dec. 17, 1941. After a childhood in California (including a year in France in high school) Leslie attended Harvard, where she graduated with a degree in psychology and met her future husband of 46 years, Carl Rovainen. The two of them spent 35 years in St. Louis, Missouri raising a family, with Leslie actively volunteering at local public schools, science fairs, and in quilting circles. She was able to make two trips to the South Georgia Islands and Antarctica, some of her favorite places on earth. She spent her final years from 2001 to 2019 enjoying her home in Brookings, Oregon, where she was active in local theater, supporting Carl’s many music engagements, and welcoming an older foster dog into her care, though she might have been most at home simply enjoying the ocean.

True to her character, to the end Leslie lived independently enjoying her dream home. She will be missed.

— Submitted by t he family