By Matthew Hochkammer

Pilot Staff Writer

After years of debate, it looks as though the Green Building in Harbor will be coming down.

On the agenda at the Port of Brookings Harbor Commissioners meeting last Tuesday, as it has been numerous times in the past, was an action item for proposals about what to do with the Green Building. The board voted to begin shopping bids to bring it down.

The Green Building, also known as the Grey Ghost, has been sitting unused since its construction in 2003. Since then, the port has been making monthly payments of about $2,008 on a loan taken out to cover construction costs.

Originally, the building was intended to be the jewel of the port’s commercial hub. According to a report by Eagle Two Development in 2011, the original permit was issued for the shell of the building only and did not include any interior improvements.

What the port has currently is an unusable shell of a building sitting on 2.49 acres on the main drag of the port and an ongoing loan that still needs to be paid.

Port board member Ken Range initiated a motion to vote on moving forward with plans to remove the structure.

During a lively discussion about the motion, board member Richard Heap stated, “The public would be better served to have (the lot) flattened out,” and have the public decide, together, how they want to move forward with the site.

Chairman Roy Davis suggested having a flattened site would be more attractive to investors or developers rather than forcing them to modify their design to fit inside the structure currently there.

Port Manager Gary Dehlinger estimated costs to remove the 10,000 square foot building at anywhere from $4 to $10 per square foot. Dehlinger also noted there is a possibility of having a contractor come in prior to demolition to salvage what they can from the structure to bring costs down.

Dehlinger said if the board decided to use even half of the lot for fishing gear storage until a permanent solution is determined, the revenue generated would more than cover the payment on the loans taken out to fund the green building.

The proposal to remove the building passed unanimously.

In other Port news:

A proposed 5 percent increase to port rates was announced. The increase would include power and water use. While exact details of this rate hike are unclear, a more detailed proposal will be the subject of a future meeting.

A buildup of sediment in the channel has come to the attention of port staff and mariners alike. It is the responsibility of the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers to pay for and complete dredging of the channel but no date has been set for dredging to occur.

For information about upcoming agenda items please consult the Port of Brookings Harbor website at