By Boyd C. Allen

Pilot Staff Writer

The Miniature Literature Libro Llamas won the final round of the Azalea Middle School Battle of the Books (BOTB) Friday for the third year in a row. During the final round in which students are asked questions about what book a piece of content came from or content questions from a given book, the Llamas defeated the Word Cookies 55 to 20.

The Llamas – Alyssum Spitael, Acacia Pringle, Daisha Nidiffer and Alison Dodds – will compete at regionals March 16, and District Librarian Patricia Clark said she expected no less than a state championship from them – “no pressure.”

The district-wide contests are administered by Clark and the district’s librarians – Jenny King at Kalmiopsis, Krystal Gregory at Azalea and Gloria Sthen at the high school – and the awards for the winning teams were provided by a grant from the Brookings-Harbor Education Foundation.

Seven teams participated this year at Azalea, while 20 teams battled for the championship at Kalmiopsis Elementary. The Kalmiopsis winners were the Reading Rock Stars – a team comprised of four fourth-grade girls. Brookings-Harbor High School fielded three teams.

The Reading Rockstars are Annika Steendahl, Emmy Armstrong, Katie Ross and Kenzie Johnston.

The Perfectionists, comprised of Isabella Freitas, Natalie Garcia, Abby Marks and Aynika Nelson won the high school competition.

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