By Boyd C. Allen

Pilot Staff Writer

The Port of Brookings Harbor Board of Commissioners worked through an agenda focussed on financial issues, insurance liabilities and infrastructure plans at its meeting Tuesday.

The board voted to table a motion for 60 days to hire Crow/Clay and Associates to develop conceptual drawings of changes planned for the RV park. The motion was put on hold for 60 days.

The board agreed instead to schedule workshops and work on its own plans for the RV park before inviting the company to attend a workshop, offer insight and then be hired to develop the drawings. The company might also be hired to develop construction plans if the conceptual drawings are approved by the board.

Commissioners instructed Port Manager Gary Dehlinger to schedule a workshop for next month to work on the plans.

Commissioner Ken Range said he would like to take the time to create plans for the park to include a convenience store, and other commissioners mentioned possibly adding a laundromat.

Commissioner Richard Heap wanted to include Harbor Sanitary District in the planning process and possibly add moving the sewer line under the RV park so that it would be to the side of the park and not directly under the park’s restrooms.

Heap also recommended addressing flooding at the north end of the area, looking at the possibility of adding yurts or cabins and RV spots near the dock to be paired with boat slips. He said the board should look at the potential of developing the kite field, as well.


The Special Districts Administration of Oregon (SDAO) performed a risk assessment site visit and reported progress on the current piling project, noted the docks would be tightened after the pilings and hoops are installed and new boat ramp docks had been installed.

The Basin I piling project is projected to be completed by the end of February.

SDAO’s Troy DeYoung said the port was still seeking money to “address some larger long-term issues” including sluffing banks in the boat basins, damage and movement to one of the boardwalks and fuel dock, replacement of pilings and hoops in Basin II (the commercial basin) and repairs and upgrades to the commercial docks.

“The port appears to be moving in the correct direction with plans on facility repairs and improvements, but they have a long way to go. . .” DeYoung said.

Dehlinger was commended for recognizing areas that need to be improved and that pose a liability hazard to the port. DeYoung noted the new fencing around dangerous areas as evidence of the port’s efforts.

The SDAO report recommended the port address issues with port owned buildings and called many of these problems “severe.”

Among these were deteriorating paint that could lead to water intrusion at the retail center, roof damage at the boat ramp restrooms and at the RV park office.

Other lesser problems included the road in the gear storage area being uneven in ways that could damage equipment and moss-covered roofs on many port buildings.

In his harbormaster’s report, Travis Webster noted the east commercial bathroom had been repainted and staff had installed epoxy floors, and the crew had started renovating the retail bathrooms.

Other news

Port Bookkeeper Kim Boom was appointed budget officer for fiscal year 2019 - 20. This designation allows Boom to work with the port’s accounting firm to complete the yearly audit.

The board voted to change its accounting procedure to the Government Finance Officers Association Special Accounting Framework cash basis for the purpose of reporting its financial operations, budgeting and accounting. The change was recommended by municipal auditor Gerald Burns. Port staff also said it would be more practical and easier to use.

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