Brookings City Council will discuss at a workshop Jan. 7 whether to amend the municipal code to limit the amount of time RVs are allowed to be parked on city streets after complaints about an RV parked on Moore Street for more than a year.

Currently, a chapter in the city code indicates no vehicle can be stored on the street for more than 72 hours — unless it is licensed and operable and parked in front of the owner’s residence.

Larry and Kathryn Demry wrote a letter to the city requesting the council address concerns related to public safety, particularly visibility for drivers and pedestrians. The couple would like the issue addressed citywide.

“Drivers cannot see vehicles — or children — driving out of the Sunset Court apartments driveway (because) visibility is blocked by this motorhome and Jeep, which have been unmoved for more than a year,” they wrote in the letter. “Actually, the Jeep is moved to pull in facing west — the wrong street direction — to allow for charging the battery of the motorhome on occasion. This is an accident waiting to happen.”

The couple say drivers leaving the parking area cannot see vehicles on Moore Street, and in general, three to six children who play in the area dart out from behind the RV and are at risk of injury.

“Twenty-plus vehicles are in and out of this apartment parking lot all day and throughout the evening, where darkness creates even more visibility concerns,” the letter reads. “Residents should be able to park their RV to load or unload and even utilize short-term parking, but then move their RV into a storage location. Thirteen months and counting, for a vehicle to remain unmoved — look at the grass growing under it.”

Additionally, they said, the corner there is where the school bus stops.

“And how practical is it to have RVs and other vehicles on the streets when the city sweeper drives by?” the letter continues. “Debris around this RV on Moore Street is leaving the gutters and our drainage system filled with cigarette butts, leaves, mowed grass clippings and sand and silt. This increases flooding concerns during the rainy season as a result of debris-blocked drains.

“The city completed Moore Street asphalt repair and sealing last year, and already it looks like it has never been done.”

The Demrys suggest to the council that vehicles only be permitted to be parked in one spot for up to two weeks, at which point they need to be placed in a long-term storage area.