The Bruins girls basketball team hosted their first home game of the year on Tuesday against the Bandon Tigers. Taking an early lead, the Bruins scored up a wide 82-28 victory over the Tigers.

This puts the Bruins at 3-3 overall so far this season, currently ranked No. 20 in the OSAA 3A rankings.

“I thought the kids worked really hard and that our rotations were much better than they were against North Bend,” said Bruins coach Chris Schofield. “What we really managed was to keep our effort up over a long amount of time. It’s easy for that to drop off as the game goes on, both if you’re scoring up for getting left behind.”

The game started with the Bruins taking a huge 20-2 lead in the first quarter before outdoing themselves in the second with 21 points to the Tiger’s 10 to end the half at 41-12. The Bruins kept the advantage and had another phenomenal quarter with 26 points to the Tiger’s six. Going into the final quarter at 67-13, the two teams scored equal points at 15 each, ending the game with the Bruins far ahead at 82-28.

Schofield commended the team for owning the game’s tempo, specifically highlighting that the team maintained a tight defense that let the offensive have a lot of freedom.

The Bruins went on to play Fall River on Thursday in the first round of the Hidden Valley Tournament. They went on to play the host team Hidden Valley on Friday and play the final round later today at 11:30 a.m.

The Bruins next game will be Monday when they travel to Crescent City to play the Del Norte Warriors at 5:30 p.m.