A few tools and five hours of work was all it took 11 volunteer Trash Dogs to reduce a 24-foot dual-axle camping trailer to five loads of debris for disposal.

“It is surprising what 11 highly-charged Trash Dogs with a purpose can accomplish,” said Lead Dog Ed Gross. “Along with the destruction of the camper, the Dogs filled 31 bags of garbage from the former campers garbage pit, a nearby ravine.”

The Trash Dogs are a grassroots group traveling to popular but illegal dumping sites in the backcountry and removing the trash. Debris often includes general household garbage but can also include toys, outdoor and indoor appliances and vehicles. Recently, the Dogs, along with volunteers in Gold Beach and the Smith River Alliance of Del Norte County have been tackling abandoned RVs scattered throughout the area.

The debris is trekked to Curry Transfer and Recycling sites. This time, dump fees were $150, which were paid for by donations from the community.

Gross said the camp trailer and its pull-out living room was filled with trash, and is typical of sites the Dogs tackle.

“As the clock struck 3, the Dogs headed to CTR’s big barn on Carpenterville Road to discharge their loads with a sigh of relief and a heap of satisfaction for a job well done,” he said.

Other Trash Dogs included Hank Cunningham, Wayne Sundin, Bonnie Kuppler, Randy Patterson, Marty Van Otterloo, Steve Lowe, Jerry Sweeney, Ray Sundblad, Victor Ortega and John Thompson.

To contribute to the Dogs’ efforts, donations can be sent to The Trash Dogs, P.O. Box 444, Brookings, OR 97415.