The following information is taken from the daily logs ( of local law enforcement agencies. Charges listed are preliminary and are made at the discretion of the arresting officer or agency. Charges may be amended or dropped at the discretion of the district attorney or courts.

Tuesday, March 13

Blake Jonathon Peters, 28, of Brookings; for third-degree assault, fourth-degree assault, reckless driving and three counts of reckless endangering; no bail.

Sudar Lai Chanthanouvong, 37, transient; for fourth-degree assault and harassment; no bail.

Jeffery Edward Costa, 24, of Brookings; for third-degree rape, third-degree sexual abuse and sexual misconduct; bail set at $37,500.

David Patrick Farrell, 51, of Port Orford; for fourth-degree assault; bail set at $10,000.

Wednesday, March 14

David James Kamph, 41, of Langlois; for a Coos County warrant; no bail.

Jeremy Keith Hanks, 40, of Rancho Cordova, California; for violation of a restraining order; cited and released.

Michael Ernest White, 37, of Port Orford; for criminal trespassing, third-degree theft and sanction for probation violation; bail set at $12,500.

Thursday, March 15

Siobhan O’Flynn, 46, of Gold Beach; for driving under the influence of intoxicants; no bail.

Robert Matthew Zlatek, 36, of Brookings; for fourth-degree assault; no bail.

Rochelle Deanne Miller, 45, of South Beach; for reckless driving and hit and run; bail set at $30,000.