By Boyd C. Allen

Pilot Staff Writer

The Gold Beach School Board hired high school Principal Tim Wilson as its new superintendent.

Superintendent Roy Durfee will retire at the end of the year and said he is confident in the board’s choice of Wilson.

“I wrote him a letter of support and we are already working on issues for next year,” Durfee said.

Wilson will be involved in the budget, staffing plans and program changes for next year, according to Durfee.

He said Wilson was a problem solver and complimented his vision and personable nature.

Wilson began as a music and theater teacher before working in guidance and transitioning into administration. He has served as a principal or superintendent since 1997.

Wilson said he will miss working directly with students and teachers but looks forward to letting the principals do their jobs while he concentrates on policy and budget issues.

“I have to focus on things like this old building and a fleet of aging buses,” he said. “And the community does a lot for the schools here. I want to ask, ‘What can the schools do for the community?’”

Creating and maintaining positive relationships are strengths he saw in Durfee, according to Wilson, and he wants to build on those strengths.

Wilson said after relationships and trust are established, people can work together to reach decisions. A transparent process including students, staff and the community will lead to decisions he can implement and maintain.

“Times are different in Gold Beach now; it’s exciting. We have a board that is positive and expects the superintendent to guide the schools to create a great experience for students and their families,” Wilson said.

Wilson will work part-time so the district can maintain two full-time principals.

Wilson said he looks forward to more time at home.

“My wife and I moved here because we were considering a retirement area and enjoy the coast,” he said.

He said he and his wife Julie, a local artist, love the weather, the coast and hiking.

Meanwhile, Durfee said he and his wife Karen plan to RV across the country and see a game in every major league baseball stadium.

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