By Boyd C. Allen

Pilot Staff Writer

Gold Beach City Council voted Monday to order a rescue rig from Cascade Fire and Safety at a cost of $198,318.

Cascade will manufacture the custom truck over the next year and update the council on progress.

According to specifications, the rig is a Type 3 Engine used for wildfires as well as structural firefighting in remote or restricted areas.

In other news

•City Administrator Jodi Fritts informed the council the Infrastructure Finance Authority (IFA) had also approved the city’s request for a $399,000 loan to complete the purchase and fence the property surrounding the city’s water intake. Council members voted to approve the loan pending a review by the city’s attorney.

•The public works department agreed to take delivery of Elvis the elk. Elvis’ head was donated to the city by the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife after he was confiscated from poachers and mounted so it could stand as a silent witness to his own untimely demise.

•Councilor Becky Campbell presented new rules for the governance of the community garden. She said she tried to make the rules less rigid and avoid micromanaging the gardeners. Council members questioned whether the gardeners could use the rules as a base policy to govern themselves. Councilor Tamie Kaufman was concerned the land used for the gardens was city-owned and the city might have to govern it. “I don’t think it’s any of our business,” Councilor Larry Brennan said. The council agreed to have their attorney determine the city’s liabilities and responsibilities.

•Fritts, at Campbell’s request, presented an analysis of pay for city administrators in communities such as Gold Beach. Based on the analysis, Campbell said, “you’re being underpaid.” The council will conduct a yearly evaluation for Fritts this month.

•Fritts said a survey presented to residents in their water bills and asking them if the city should pay for street paving and repairs through a surcharge on utilities or a gas tax was proceeding well and indicated the gas tax option was winning by a 10-3 margin.

•Mayor Karl Popoff asked the council to set a meeting with the planning commission to address citizens’ concerns about marijuana businesses. The council and mayor agreed to hold that meeting at 5 p.m. March 12.

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