Coastline Neighbors aim to keep people in own homes

Sometimes people just need a little help: Doing work around the house, getting a lift to the salon or carrying the groceries.

Enter Coastline Neighbors, a Brookings-based volunteer support group that celebrated its grand opening earlier this month.

“It’s so exciting to help,” said co-founder Patty Slagle. “We help people who, for some reason, cannot drive at night or who can’t drive at all.”

The group’s website went live in October, and Slagle and co-founders Lindy McClean and Diane Moffit introduced the group’s services during an Oct. 28 public event at the Chetco Community Public Library.

The services are designed to support those in need and help them remain living in their homes and neighborhoods, Slagle said.

Coastline Neighbors serves the Brookings, Harbor and Gold Beach areas, and plans to expand to all of Curry County as more volunteers join.

The group has offered its services since September, but the grand opening was postponed because of the Chetco Bar Fire this summer.

McClean began Coastline Neighbors because she saw a gap in services and knew that it was causing people to leave their homes prematurely.

“It’s all on Lindy; through her work with hospice and Curry Good Samaritan, she saw a break in services,” Slagle said. “She had read about the village movement that started back East, and she came to me about bringing it here.”

Slagle had worked with McClean previously and, with Moffit, began planning in April.

Currently, Coastline Neighbors offers services including transportation, light gardening and cleaning, scheduled wellness checks and even cat washing. Often, people need to shop but can’t carry the bags, so Coastline Neighbors volunteers provide a ride and help carry things.

Transportation is the most-used service so far, and that service is funded by a grant from AllCare of Oregon.

Coastline Neighbors consists of 13 members and 44 volunteers, but those numbers swelled due to the large turnout at the grand opening. Seventy people attended, and the group signed five new volunteers and 20 new members.

Coastline Neighbors does not have an age requirement for services, but all volunteers must pass a background check and attend training.

The group is a non-profit entity, and intends to keep membership fees as low as possible to help as many people as possible, Slagle said.

Membership fees are $25 per person per month, or $40 per household per month.

For more information or to volunteer call 541-207-1366