The swamp

If anyone has read any of the letters to the editor, you know I clearly dislike the U.S. government.

Do you see the swamp in Washington D.C.? The Republicans only think about party lines. The Democrats only think about party likes. However, neither party thinks about the people they represent. I guess that’s why the latest poll states that Congress only got a 10 percent approval rating. My constant question is, why so high?

Fact: Base pay for a senator is $179,000 a year. Depending on how many committees they are on, they can get up to $2,000 for expense accounts. They only work 162 days a year. They passed Obamacare and did not read it. When they finally did, they found out they lost their “cadillac” health insurance, putting them into Obamacare like the rest of us.

Well, that can’t happen! The House quickly passed a law giving themselves a better health insurance plan than they had before. The Senate did the same. In fact it was so good; it was extremely expensive, so they added that it will be paid with our tax money, not theirs.

Oh yes, they also included all their staff members. Have you seen what they are doing with our health insurance?

That’s why I can’t stand the U.S. government.

Andrew T. Ragan


Working together

There’s been a lot of public discussion about our county’s financial difficulties and the need for economic development.

There hasn’t been a lot said about working together to establish solid foundations for economic growth, or the basic building blocks necessary for sustaining growth.

We will have an opportunity to do just that at the public workshop “Working Together for Expanded HealthCare” scheduled for 6 p.m. Thursday, Aug. 17, at Southwest Community College Brookings campus.

Adequate health care is an essential foundation for any desirable, sustainable community. Whether it is retirement or raising a family, we all want, need and should have competent, accessible health services, at a minimum.

Most of us know folks — friends, family, neighbors — who have left our area because of the lack of health care services. Most really didn’t want to leave. Most of us don’t know how many folks decided not to come here because of the same issues.

This isn’t an issue of your political party, or even if you have one. It isn’t an issue of whether you live in north or south Curry County. It is an issue of how we can search for solutions to critical issues, and work together to achieve the best outcomes possible.

Of course, the best choices are those that benefit everyone. That’s a hard task, but sometimes it benefits each of us to be open to possibilities that could, at least, benefit most of us — even if it isn’t what we’d planned.

So, what is possible?

Can there be a hospital in South Curry without doing harm to Curry Health Network’s investments?

Could the Curry Health Network expand in South Curry and become more financially viable?

Could expanded care have the potential of securing quality clinicians and more comprehensive care?

Could we work together, support one another and explore what our real possibilities are?

Let’s find out.

Sue Gold


Safety City Success

Safety City 2017 was a banner year.

•It was our 20th year;

•We graduated the 1,000th student;

•We had two children whose parents had attended Safety City;

•We graduated 52 children.

We want to thank all our sponsors who gave — allowing Safety City to continue being a free program.

We also want to thank our volunteers who help with the program and make it possible to continue.

Dan Palicki, Safety City Coordinator